10 reasons Why Obama has Lost the Element of Surprise to Use a Crisis to Bring in Martial Law.

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In my opinion. I do not see President Obama finishing his second term. I do think the election fraud committed did not reflect the real will of the people. The new scandals that are revealed daily in the alternative media and a reluctant mainstream press shows the dam is bout to break.  

This shows the desperation of the White House to distract the public with a war or a false flag attack  to divert attention away from the corruption in his administration. He is trying to catch people off guard to regain the moral high ground to and to restore confidence in his leadership.

He is so exposed as a Chicago style thug and authoritarian trying to deceive the people.Because he has been caught, he has lost the ability to the savior rising in on a white horse when he created the crisis to begin with.

Here are the 10 reasons why Obama has lost the element of surprise and will not get away with trying to bring in a Police State.

1. The Boston Bombing went flat on its face exposing the fact it was a government run operation with a patsy trying to demonize the patriot movement and the gun owners. When it was exposed as a clandestine operation with many operatives with the same backpack with intelligence assets on the ground conducting a drill for the same scenario. The bombing could not be used as an excuse to attack freedom.

2. Early in his Administration; Operation Fast and Furious when the FBI, BATF and other Federal agencies took the gun out of weapons lockers rooms, they sent grenades and fully automatic weapons which American people cannot by law have access to where shipped down to Mexico to the drug cartels to destabilize the border to attack the law abiding American’s the right to keep and bear arms. This is the excuse Obama will use this August to sign the UN Small Arms trade treaty.

3. In the spring of 2009,When the swine flu phony crisis hit Mexico with plans in the US to force every one to take a vaccine has been proven to be a virus made in a laboratory. When the fall came that same year with predictions of a epidemic of the swine flu.The American People did not buy the narrative of the US government. No one took the new vaccine,The American people seen the end game trying to use the swine flu as a reason to bring in a tyranny.The Government solution is a jack booted thug with guns pointed at the people to try to get us to submit using a orchestrated chaos. This crisis has ran out of steam real fast.

4.  The President who is funding  radical Muslim mercenaries  gassed the Syrian people and tried to blame it on the Government to start a war. Now it is proven the US government funds and runs Al Quaida. The same terrorist group and CIA assets to use as an excuse to take away our constitutional freedoms. The Shoe Bomber, the underwear bomber and all FBI hatched terror plots all planned by our government to generate fear to get us to give up freedom for security. The credibility now the NSA spying on the people without a search warrant has destroyed more credibility of the war on terror. The excuse of Sept 11 no longer holds water with the American people. People now fear the government more than they do from middle east terrorist living in caves.

5. Now we have the death Trayvon Martin which George Zimmerman is on trial for. The influence of the Department of Justice in the case and pressuring the judge to get a certain outcome the White House wants does tell me they want a race war so the President can declare a national emergency so the President can declare martial law.

Now it is been revealed by Judicial Watch that the Justice Department has been funding these Justice for Trayvon rallies. How many of these rallies have they funded nationwide to stoke the racial fires?

– They tried to start a race war which could be FBI behind it with COINTELPRO when white supremacist groups where in town to patrol as they say. Where they trying to start an incident to incite racial violence?

– There was threats of riots of Obama was reelected. Now there is threats of riots of George Zimmerman is not found guilty. The same people who get text messages who are in these flash mobs who wreaked havoc this last July fourth.

Could this be the same group who will try to start riots in major US cities. I hope if that happens. The good people with arms can deter and if necessary neutralize them hopefully without violence.

6. Now it has been revealed that the White House has software with dummy accounts on the internet. The latest was an White House petition to ” Repeal the Bill of Rights”. They have phony tweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook trying to generate the illusion of a major grassroots movement in reality does not exist. The American people are seeing through this facade.

7. President Obama when he was a US Senator written letters to outed Kenyan Leader Odinga encouraging tactics to destabilize Kenya to achieve a political agenda. President Obama a student of Saul Alinski’s rules of radicals and mentor Bill Ayers of the Weathermen underground instructed Obama well in Marxist terrorism.

8. The people know the President will behind the economic crash with Obamacare ,to the death of the dollar. This engineered coming collapse by Wall Street and the big banks with Obama as their puppet. The American people will know who did it. Obama trying to use class warfare to start riots and attack the middle class as the blame will not work at all when more American know it is the Federal Banking system that caused the depression. The mantra of people not paying their fair share has lost its fervor.

9.  There has been reports of a coming false flag chemical attack at the Boy Scout Jamboree this year. It has been rumored also that there will be an Nuclear, Chemical Biological drill at the same place. If they do carry out the attack. Will the President parade dead children’s faces like he did with Sandy Hook  elementary massacre that was a government operation. Using that excuse to advance gun control lost steam.

10. In this phony war on terrorism. It has been revealed the FBI was behind these terror plots recruiting and providing explosives in a sting operation posing as the saviors to scare people into buying into the a fabricated crisis to give up their freedoms. We know aboutagent provocateurs being sent in to Tea Party rallies and Occupy Wall Street demonstrations trying to demonize peaceful protest. They have been caught and neutralized from casing problems like the Block Block did in Seattle during the WTO conference so the Police can act like thugs beating up old ladies and mothers pushing baby strollers. We know there devices and it is losing its effectiveness.

President Obama has lost the element of surprise now. Every crisis that has been brought forth by the willing accomplices in the mainstream dying media all has been traced back being planned and executed by the White House.

Now with the coming verdict of the George Zimmerman trail. No matter what he outcome is. I think they will try to start riots either way the case comes out. The President will not get away with trying to impose Martial law.

The American people see through him and his true intention of bringing us into a hardcore tyranny trying to disarm the people to bring in the red terror like under Mao and Stalin with mass murder.

The reason why the President is now spying on government workers and forcing Military officers to resign because a good majority of people in government do not like what is going on inside the system. There are whistle blowers exposing criminal activity in government.

So now the President wants to put in a KGB style spy system in government where everyone is suspect because the system is getting ready to fall apart.

The President needs a crisis to hold on to power because there is good people in government are resisting him. The Military does not have respect for him. He is losing grip on power. The murder Michael Hastings and Michael Snowden being an international vagabond trying to send a chilling effect has made many people angry and not scared.

If a incident happens where they demonize the Patriots and gun owners. The American people will not caught flat footed like they were in the past with a government orchestrated crisis like Pearl Harbor. They will raise questions and become skeptical and suspicious when the President tries to order us to turn in our guns because he suspended the Constitution.

We know Obama has lost the element of surprise and will not get away with it because the American people who are vigilant will see through it all. What do you think?


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8 thoughts on “10 reasons Why Obama has Lost the Element of Surprise to Use a Crisis to Bring in Martial Law.

    1. The conclusion is a dream at best. People are gleefully ignorant & unwilling to hear otherwise.

      That is largely the case for the vast majority of the populace in America. Sad & dangerous times for America. Few even know who the POTUS is/was – not much outrage there either. So infuriating!

    2. Correct. But Realman2020, by his own admission, cares not a whit for proper grammar and spelling and sentence structure, and revels in his ignorance of the English language–which gives his message a much lesser effect. Seems like ignorance of the language is a badge of honor to him.

  1. Yep, this one sums it all up in a nutshell. I couldn’t agree more with this article. I just hope enough people are waking to these theatrics played by these goons trying to burn our country down.

  2. That is exactly the goal. Make it known it will happen before it does therefore there is not such a surprise and it is more openly embrace. The people who really control the world, not puppet presidents do not want to loose control they have worked far to long and hard at their goal. Which is a NWO.

  3. Nice idea, that the American people see through all of these things. I do not see this yet, on a large scale — but I do think awareness is growing and accelerating. We are not yet there.

    Depends where you live and who you hang around with, I suppose, but I would say the majority of people I know and work with are only achieving dawning awareness of about 20% of what’s in the article. That is significant, and it is growing. but they have not yet put all the pieces together.

    Two examples of widespread and rapidly growing common, everyday awareness (and the appropriately accompanying outrage!) among previously unaware people is Monsanto/GMO, and NSA/spying. This is progress.

  4. To the best of my knowledge on the Bill of Rights bit it was a prank (simple web search should show if there is more to that) showing how moronic & gullible people have become. Sure, some would give their temperal lobe if they were merely told it would assist the usurper – most w/o even having the slightest notion of that it does.

  5. Good vibes, realman, but lousy grammar. Yeah I know you’ve seen me post these thoughts before and I know you could care less about writing with grammatical intelligence. Too bad, I’m telling you this anyway.

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