10 Symptoms Of Radiation Sickness

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The nuclear emergency in Japan continues to escalate. Dangerous levels of radiation are leaking from the earthquake-damaged reactors at Fukushima Dai-ichi and incidents are feared at other power plants. Those working to contain the meltdowns or living nearby are at the greatest risk. Here is what radiation sickness looks like.  

  • 1. Nausea And Vomiting

    The earliest symptoms of Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) are nausea and disorientation. If you start vomiting within an hour of exposure this implies a massive dose of radiation, making it far likelier you will die without medical treatment.

  • 2. Bruising And Inability To Heal Wounds

    Radiation depletes clot-forming platelets in the blood, leading to severe bruising and wounds that won’t heal. In certain cases, this manifests as purpura, discolored patches caused by bleeding beneath the skin (pictured above).

  • 3. Bleeding Out Of Orifices

    Also due to the body’s inability to clot, you may bleed spontaneously from the nose, mouth and rectum.

  • 4. Bloody Diarrhea And Vomit

    Similar symptoms as above, different cause. Radiation depletes the cells of the intestinal wall and stomach. This irritates the stomach and intestines, leading to bloody vomit and stool.

  • 5. Radiation Burns

    Clinically known as cutaneous radiation syndrome, or CRS, the first sign is itching. Exposed skin may then turn red, blister, develop open sores and slough off.

  • 6. Hair Loss

    Radiation damages hair follicles, which could lead to rapid hair loss.

  • 7. Headaches, Weakness And Fatigue

    Due to anemia from the loss of blood cells, weakness and fainting may occur. Also leads to hypotension, or extremely low blood pressure.

  • 8. Mouth Sores

    Ulcers in and around the mouth, a visible manifestation of ulcers all along the esophagus and digestive tract.

  • 9. Seizures And Tremors

    Intense and prolonged exposure to radiation can impair the central nervous system. This can lead to a general lack of muscle coordination and seizures.

  • 10. Fever And Infections

    What will ultimately kill someone suffering from radiation sickness. Radiation destroys bone marrow and white blood cells, leading to increased risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.



4 thoughts on “10 Symptoms Of Radiation Sickness

  1. People can talk but there is nothing like photos to get the point across to some peopleis there Cathleene. Good Post there Cathleen. I and others where I worked my last jopb about 7 -8 yr.s ago got hit with radiation from those x ray tubes from the z ray machines from the hospitals in the area. In just a few months I started to loose my teeth and my bone structure went all to hell, Yea, I didn`t have a ounce of fat on me and now I lost all muscle structure and am getting flabby fat. I never been fat or flabby in my whole damned life. My energy level has gone down to almost nothing and my eye sight is really bad. Yea, I worked at Max Phillips/Alter Recycling center. NOOOO THAT CANNOT BE FROM THOSE X-RAY TUBE THOUGH CAN IT. Don`t they call those tubes magnatron tubes? Yea we all had to handle those with out any protection – bare handed in other words. Somebody wasn`t doing their job in the front office check point there – not a week or so later they installed radiation detectors at the drive up window – imagine that !!!! True story !!!. Yea, they even had a old freind of mine out in the yard with a geiger counter – he did it because he thought that they just had busy work for him because it was a slow time of year, Last time I saw him he was real sick – about as sick as ya can get 🙁 . Yes this is partly why I took early retirement so to speak. 😎 👿 grrrrrr.

    1. Sorry about my spelling and punctuation and all but I just cannot seem to get the edit button to work lately 🙁

      1. You’re welcome Digger. People need to realize just how bad things can get once the radiation from Fukushima gets strong enough here in the States.

        I’m so sorry about what you went through in your past job. It’s not right; it’s not ethical; and it’s no fair! 🙁
        .. .

        1. Yes Cathleen, we were all going to lawsuit them but we all would have never made it for our settlement, Alters is/was if not still is the largest recyclers in the world and as they said – they had the biggest scrap yard in china. When you start haveing lawesuits against those like them you usually end up six feet under. They offered me a substantial raise to go back to work for them and I told them to stuff it. Yes, I absolutly refuse to do any business what-so-ever with Alters. Alters are what tyhey call too bit to fail – they have a bunch of river boat casino`s and they got their fingers in a lot of other despicable things. Just sayin` from first hand experience with them pukes. Again Good post, Thanks again Cathleen . 😉

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