10 Vegetables To Grow Without Sunlight

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Not many people have the luxury of living in a home that has ample sunlight to create a vegetable garden. For all those kitchen garden enthusiasts I have good news, you can even make up to 10 vegetables to grow without sunlight. As we have studied in school, sunlight is essential for healthy growth of plants and animals, it holds true only to a certain extent. It is because there are many vegetables that grow in shade as well and sometimes better also. 

As a thumb rule remember that vegetable plants that are planted for fruit and flower are not the vegetables to grow in shade. So apparently you have to find about the vegetables to grow without sunshine. I will tell about the 10 vegetables to grow without sunlight.

Leafy Vegetables

Green leaves are the vegetables that grow in shade. The only difference between the leaves grown with and without sunlight is in the thickness of leaf. Leafy vegetable that grow in the shade is slightly thinner but has the same taste. Examples of leafy vegetables to grow without sunlight are as below.



Swiss chard


Root Vegetables

Since roots grow beneath the soil, it doesn’t require much sunlight. Indirect sunlight for 4-6 hours a day would be sufficient for its growth. Examples of root vegetables to grow without sunlight are as below.






Cruciferous vegetables grow well without much sunlight. Its the same reason they are grown in winters and this is when they are considered as healthy. Always grow cruciferous vegetables in deep pots. They will grow healthy but do not clutter with plants because they need a lot of extra space for growth. Examples of cruciferous vegetables that grow without sunlight are as below.



As the main source of energy for growing fruits and vegetables is barred, so planning for vegetables to grow without sunlight would require some soil preparation and good manure, preferably organic.

Tips For Preparing Soil For Vegetables To Grow Without Sunshine.

Use fresh soil for planting indoor vegetable plants.

Mix manure in the soil before planting. Use of organic manure is recommended.

Keep soils testing kit to check the quality of the soil before planting.

Avoid over watering of indoor vegetable plants. Over watering plus no sunshine will cause diseases in plant.

Keep the pots moist for vegetables to grow without sunlight.


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  1. Another two: Brussel sprouts (esp. in winter as long as temps stay above 15 degrees) and also collards. Swiss Chard loves shade too! We had a surprise freeze yesterday and chard, brussels and collards doing fine. Mustard greens may survive as well.

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