100 homes evacuated after Louisiana train derailment

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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said late Sunday that chemicals were leaking from a train carrying flammable and corrosive materials that derailed Sunday afternoon and forced the evacuation of around 100 homes.

The evacuated homes were within one mile of the derailment and remained empty as of Monday. Police said at least 26 cars on the 76-car train went off the tracks about 3:30 p.m. Sunday in Lawtell, which is about 60 miles west of Baton Rouge.   

“Anytime you have chemicals leaking into the environment, that’s a serious issue,” Jindal said, according to KATC-TV. “Nobody knows the extent of the damage. We’ll get that in the next 24 hours.”

Union Pacific spokeswoman Raquel Espinoza told the Associated Press that one train car is leaking sodium hydroxide, which can cause injuries or even death if it is inhaled or touches the skin. The other is leaking lube oil. A third car carrying vinyl chloride was damaged, but was not leaking.

Master Trooper Daniel “Scott” Moreau told AP that the leaks were contained and the amount of chemicals being leaked was so small that air pollution detectors have not picked up anything. One person who was near the derailment went to the hospital complaining of eye irritation.

The railroad company doesn’t know what caused the derailment. Espinoza said the railroad ties were renewed in 2011 and the track was inspected about three hours before the accident.

KATC reported that US Route 190 would be closed for at least two days while police assessed the damage and the environmental impact of the derailment.

St. Landry Parish President Bill Fontenot told AP that evacuated residents could go a theater the local government owns if they needed a place to stay. The Delta Grand Theater has no fixed seating, so cots can be easily set up, he said.

“I think we’ve got about 30 individuals there now. Some are still trying to find relatives or friends” to stay with, he said late Sunday.

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6 thoughts on “100 homes evacuated after Louisiana train derailment

  1. What is the connection, plot, agenda with all these train derailments and explosions?

    I like to ask questions! 😉

    . . .

  2. ANOTHER train derailment? Ok this is definitely a pattern and a plot.

    One’s an occurrence, two’s a coincidence, three’s a pattern and four is a conspiracy.

    Just what in the hell is going on other than more control over the rail lines by the Fed Government and DHS? Maybe that’s all it is. Part of their way of incorporating homeland security into the North American Union like Fienstein put it in her chart on that video that was posted on here earlier.


    All they need is one train to derail in Mexico and that will basically allow them to connect “Homeland” security measures across Canada, US and Mexico (aka The North American Union or Amero-zone)

  3. I saw an article on this derailment last night. I would have sent it in, but the author then went on to blame Nibiru for all the train wrecks that have been happening.

    Needless to say, for the sake of my credibility, I passed.

    1. Nibiru is a very important topic. The closer it is reportedly getting to Earth correlates perfectly with increases in my intestinal discomfort and personal outgassing. This without a shadow of a doubt links Nibiru and global warming. The cows would tell you the same if they could speak. The silence on this topic from the scientific community is evidence in itself.

      1. Zechariah Sitchin has a very low credibility rating with me.

        He, and he alone engineered the whole Nibiru farce.

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