1000 of US-bound Honduran migrants storm Guatemala border into Mexico

Press TV

A large group of Honduran migrants breaks through a Guatemalan border barrier and forces its way into Mexican territory in an attempt to reach the United States, its final destination.

Mexican riot police on Friday resorted to pepper spray to block the flood of thousands of migrants, including children, from advancing deep into the southern province of Chiapas. 

The angry crowd began throwing rocks and whatever objects they found at the security cordon on the Mexican side and even climbed or broke a series of barriers leading to the final fence and police line on Mexico’s southern border.

Reports said multiple migrants and a number of police personnel were wounded in the process.

“We ask you to please name a committee to hold a dialogue with officials from the National Migration Institute. Don’t continue putting women’s and children’s lives at risk,” a Mexican official was heard as he pleaded with angry migrants through a bullhorn, as the crowd chanted, “Yes we can!” and “Mexico! Mexico!”

Police blocked the migrants’ flow into the province, however, dozens of the migrants managed to push their way through the border line.

The violence broke out after various caravans of migrants gathered at the Guatemala-Mexico border. The migrants hope they can obtain transit visas to proceed to the US or at least seek asylum in Mexico.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to deploy the military to stop the migrants from entering his country. This is while the United Nations has called on Washington to honor its human rights commitments.

The migrants were fleeing poverty and insecurity in the Central American nation, one of the most violent countries in the world with a homicide rate of 43 per 100,000 citizens.


3 thoughts on “1000 of US-bound Honduran migrants storm Guatemala border into Mexico

  1. Dear President Trump,

    A couple of A-10’s loaded with napalm will solve your border problem.


    The Thinking Public

  2. Pepper spray?!? Try “spraying” them with machine gun fire! Not only will it eliminate the current problem, but it will serve as a good deterrent from future invasions.

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