1/04/2015 — Global Earthquake Update — NEW SCIENCE of Craton Pressure Displacement

Published on Jan 4, 2015 by dutchsinse

Feel free to run this by your teachers, professors, and even “professionals” in the industry. Time to rip out a hefty section of your text books, and learn something new.

Earthquakes ARE related across vast distances. Not just large earthquakes, but even down to a 4.0 magnitude level — we see that events DO progress from one region to the other, and we also see that one earthquake can lead to another earthquake ELSEWHERE. (links below)

A series of noteworthy earthquakes has occurred along the West Coast of the United States over the past 7 days (up to Jan 4 2014), as well as along the edge of the North American Craton. Idaho, and Los Angeles having multiple earthquakes in the 4.0M-5.0M+ range, some near fracking / oil drilling operations.

The fracking operations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas showed multiple noteworthy earthquakes over the past 7 days as well .

Taking all the movement into account, we need to be prepared for larger movement in the Pacific Northwest, greater than 5.0M+ in the next 7 days or less. Specifically off the shores of Oregon, to Washington State. Cascadia subduction zone is primed for a larger earthquake.

Idaho, Wyoming, Montana showing swarm activity, this should carry on for the next 2-3 days. In that time, we should see compensation movement spread to the Southeast across Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. We should see at least one 4.0M-5.0M earthquake(s) occur in the Midwest over the next few days (unless things calm down seismically).

East coast needs to be prepared for some movement across New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Virginia over the next several days as well.

Internationally, we need to watch the cluster spots in the West Pacific near Papua New Guinea.. also northward between Taiwan and Japan.. these areas should show large movement in the next week or less. This is based upon the swarms of 4.0-5.0M events occurring in the area… we need to watch the areas to the NW of these current deep clusters of events occurring in the Asthenosphere.



Forecasting earthquakes?



Yellowstone rises 2 inches in 6 months, pushed 1/2 inch Southeast:


Yellowstone magma chamber extends West into central Idaho:


St. Helens, Mount Shasta , PNW chambers rise:


California rises 1/2 inch in 1 yr:


Arizona volcano has earthquake swarm:


West coast dormant volcano movement:


Landslide in Wyoming fractures entire mountain :


Landslide in Washington state fractures entire mountain ::


Colorado fracking operation blasts mountain :


Geologists deny one earthquake leads to another:


Geologists DENIED fracking causes earthquakes:


Earthquakes seen progressing across large areas:


California drilling on fault lines :



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