8 thoughts on “11 11 Camera Reflection

  1. Beautifully strange. Yeah, an eye, but seems it’s inside a spaceship and there’s some “Up In Smoke” tinges. Strangely beautiful goings-on out there in the desert. But then again, some who live there are strangely beautiful.



  2. Whooooaaaa man…you got the all-seeing hovering eye in your neck of the woods too?! That’s like some “They Live” looking stuff right there!
    Thank God it’s got ocular cunjunctiva.

  3. For some reason today.

    I can’t stop thinking about AKA Chris Cornell.

    I keep hearing the lyrics from AudioSlave in my head.


    There was a man who had a face that looked a lot like me.

    I saw him in the mirror and fought him in the street.

    Then when he looked away I shot him in the head.

    Then I came to realize I had killed myself.

    1. Mark…you have time on the road to absorb this.

      In one of your long hauls..

      Go to

      American Freedom Radio.com

      Click on archives.

      Go to the bottom and select past archives.

      Look for Ochelli and the Greek.

      Select the 2015 archive.

      Then select the podcast dated 120515.

      It’s entitled “The Devil is In the Details”.

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