11 Year Old Daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Starting Gender Transition


Since she was little, Shiloh Jolie Pitt knew he was a boy trapped in a girl’s body, first he started by asking his parents to let him dress and wear short hair like a boy, he even asked to be called John.

As he grew up, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were by his side always supporting him, they are both loving parents after all, and would do anything to see their children happy. 

Now, adolescence has arrived for Shiloh, and time for the treatment for her body to match his gender with it. On May 27 he turned 11, and visited a specialist to advise him on the path of hormonal treatment that will reveal his true identity.


Shiloh Jolie Pitt is the first biological daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When she was four, Shiloh was already clear that she wanted to be a boy, and since then her parents accepted this decision.

Although the adolescent has a totally masculine appearance, his organs continue to be those of a woman, that is why he started with a hormonal treatment to stop the changes that women suffer during this stage. It is not ruled out that in the future undergo an operation to become totally John.


During an interview at the Oprah Winfrey’s show in November 2008, Brad Pitt confessed that his daughter demanded to be called John or Peter; they even came to think that Peter was due to the movie Peter Pan, but that they had no problem. Angelina Jolie also explained in 2010 to Vanity Fair magazine that her daughter preferred to dress like a boy.

“He likes to dress like a boy; he wants to be a boy. We had to cut his hair. He thinks he’s one of his brothers, and Brad and I do not think to tell him how he should act or how he should feel. He must find his place and choose what makes him feel good about himself”, said Angeline in the interview.


26 thoughts on “11 Year Old Daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Starting Gender Transition

        1. Katie I understand you not wanting to give them your money but watching them won’t contaminate your mind, unless you’re easily brainwashed.

          1. ps: There has of late been several reports that Hollywood box office is experiencing a big drop in sales. Could it be the public is getting tired of the dehumanizing offerings from this toxic enterprise? Growing up I remember films where goodness was validated and courage honored. Today, except for a few independent films, we hardly see that any more. They don’t want us to know our worth, our capability. Consequently, and sadly, there are very few films about decent, every-day human beings making life better. Frank Capra, where are you?


  1. Celebrity child abuse, here to program the masses. Shame!! I also will boycott these abusers. Can’t you just see 15 to 20 years from now when all these kids will sue their “parents” for ruining their lives. Is there no stopping this tragedy?!!


  2. Yep. That girl looks real happy being forced to dress like a boy.
    Look at her face. That is one unhappy kid.

  3. Brad and Angelina have long been under the control of the Cabal.
    All their movies push the agenda one way or another.
    If it’s not pro-Israel, its anti-nazi, always pushing a false narrative for the benefit of the jews.
    This story is not surprising. Could be false, but it has the same effect.
    Why should the misguided parents opt for hormonal treatment, they should just feed him plenty of soy and an average American diet.
    What should we expect from someone who has her breasts cut off because she gets news of a genetic susceptibility which increases her odds of acquiring breast cancer?

  4. This sure as he’ll wasn’t God’s plan, these two idiots brought this on themselves.

  5. Oh come on now, guys, these are our roll models. We should emulate them if we want our children to be happy drones in the hive.
    F#@king freaks!

  6. That silly woman cut her boobs off without cancer years ago, and Pitt is a jewish shill pretending to be white. These people are always depraved. Any kid that falls into their hands is doomed to be driven crazy or used as a pedo victim traded around the tribe for favors.

    Amazing how many children of these jew appointed ‘stars’ goyim are suppose to use as ‘role models’ have perverted children. A good 40% of their children are sexually deranged. Bet you know why.

  7. It would be bad enough to have those two freaks, especially Angelina, for parents. Then you are subjected to the mind control, the drugs, things seen that cannot be unseen, the constant parade of freaks through your home, no wonder this poor child is all messed up.

  8. I,ll give you ten to one odds Brad Pitt has told this poor kid that he wished she would have been born a boy. You tell that to a kid long and hard enough, that kid is going to want to be a boy.

    These two clowns as parents will reap all kinds of hell from this, as karma will show it’s ugly unrelenting head. I lost a lot of sleep last night thinking about this poor kid, put this kid with a normal patriot family, you would have seen something entirely different.

    These people belong in prison for this human torture.

  9. Welp, no more Oceans 11-12-13 viewing for me! (Besides, George Clooney as a total tool what with his “I love illegal immigration to Britain–just not on my fab estates” hypocrisy!)

    Well, boy or girl or whatever, you need to get with Elijah Wood about what your so-called “parents” have in mind for you!

    Ah, the casting couch….one of the Corey’s–the one who didn’t kill himself over it, I forgot which one that is–will get with you I’m sure on this…

    Ever since reading “Mommy Dearest” I have felt sorry for these children of Hollywood celebrities. So what if my folks were gazillionaires? At least they loved me and didn’t abuse me!

    1. Sorry, should have been “WEREN’T” gazillionaires…either my internet is too rurally slow to edit the comment, or Henry’s server is waaaayyy too busy right now!

  10. Tucker Carlson talked to the head of (I think the name is American Pediatric association). But the interview is on YouTube it’s four minutes long I explore you to watch it. They DO NOT mention the Pitts but she does believe this is child abuse and its polluted her profession. These treatments sterilize the person and at this young age they interrupt puberty. Now imagine if children taking these body altering drugs change their mind? TOO LATE. The Pedetrician told Tucker NINETY-FIVE percent of these young people change their mind and accept themselves after puberty. A child that feels transgender should DEFINATELY receive counseling BUT medicine and surgery should NOT be started until they reach adulthood. You CANNOT use Tobacco or get a tattoo until your 18th birthday, you CANNOT use alcohol until you’re 21st birthday and your brain doesn’t finish developing until age 25. BUT you’re mature enough to PERMANTELY change your gender at nine or ten years old. And Shilos grandfather is from my hometown, I feel for him, I really do.

  11. Stop calling that little girl a he! This child needs a psychiatrist and Brad and Angelina are horrible parents for allowing this, Child abuse!

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