13 Year Old Gang Raped by Illegals… Tell Me Again How Border Security is Not the Issue

What would you do to these two men if it were your daughter? Keep in mind that they were joined by up to 11 friends. This is beyond sickening.DC Clothesline – by Dean Garrison

I am beyond angry. As a father of five girls I can not digest the horror of what I just read. I can not help but be angry at our Senators who had to hastily pass this immigration bill, that they did not have time to read, and neglect the major issue of securing the borders. I heard the fences labeled as too expensive or simply called “stupid.” Yet many of these same despicable men and women dare use another tragedy to continually push a gun control agenda.

All I can say is that you are going to take the stance that guns kill people then lack of fences also raped this poor innocent child.  

Those poor angels of Newtown got off easy compared to this 13-year-old girl. I believe they are eternally at rest now. But whether you choose to believe that or not you can not deny one thing. Whether or not those kids are in heaven, this girl has just been sentenced to a potential lifetime of hell on this earth. She will deal with these memories every single day for a long time.

So, go ahead. Tell me again how border security does not matter. If we can save one innocent life isn’t that the liberal logic? So why does it not apply here?

Alex Villarreal reports:

Two Austin men have been charged in connection with the alleged gang rape of a 13-year-old female.

“I think it’s really sick. It’s a lot of kids in this area, a lot of kids,” said Shaneequa Jupiter, who has two kids living with her at the Avalon Palms Apartments in the 9300 block of Northgate Boulevard. “I have a boy and a girl.”

Her daughter is the same age as the 13 year-old victim, who tells police she was sexually assaulted by 10 to 13 men at apartment 292, which overlooks the pool.

Austin police reports show on June 29, the 13 year-old girl ran away from the Settlement Home, a transitional living facility that also provides foster care.

She was approached by three Hispanic men in a white car near the intersection of Payton Gin Road and Galewood Drive, and then brought to the Avalon Palms Apartments.

Two men have been arrested, police say for their involvement, 24 year-old Juan Lozano Ortega and 26-year-old Edgar Gerardo Guzman Perez.

The teen victim tells police she was taken inside an apartment, where Ortega forced himself on her as the other men cheered him on, recording the assault on their cell phones. All the men took turns having sex with her against her will. A forensic exam revealed injuries consistent with her claims.

Are illegals the only people who commit such heinous crimes? Of course not. But when you have an unofficial “open border” policy these things are bound to happen. People that enter this country need to be vetted.

Those of us who oppose the current immigration reform legislation are often labeled as bigots. Just because we have common sense it does not make us bigots.

Here’s a perfect example. There are up to 11 other men who took part in the gang rape of this poor girl. Under the current plan they will receive amnesty.

We need to know who is coming in to this country. We have members of Hezbollah pouring in through the Arizona border and no one in the mainstream media feels the need to report it.


Because they have an agenda. Media in this country fails to report facts. They act more like lawyers than journalists. How so?

They take the facts, and fabrications, that most closely support their case and they use them to do so.

In the case of a poor 13-year-old girl who has been violated and scarred for life, it simply does not fit their agenda.


Because it sheds negative light on the immigration bill that they badly want passed.

I can say the same for a bunch of legislators who will simply ignore the fact that a secure border might have just spared this poor child from an adulthood that may not be any better than her childhood.

Bless this girl and please pray for her. Since she was living in a foster home I would assume that her life had not been what she would have dreamed of.

As for 68 Senators who voted to push this bill through…

If I had my way they would receive treatment equal to that of this poor child.

That’s right. Tie up McCain and let a dozen guys have a go at his hind quarters. Make him squeal like Ned Beatty. Why McCain?

McCain you are a lying POS. You lied to get elected and now you are showing your true colors. As for the sodomy thing… well that’s not my place to choose your judgement but I hear it gets really hot downstairs.

At least you will know people there.

Any man who has a little girl will understand where I am coming from. It is all I can do not to go into full-scale profanity mode while writing this.

I am not a journalist and those of you who read my column know this. I am an American who is so pissed off that my only remaining question is… When do we start shooting?


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12 thoughts on “13 Year Old Gang Raped by Illegals… Tell Me Again How Border Security is Not the Issue

  1. If that had been 1 of my daughters those F-in Wetba–ks would be shot 1 by one or maybe 2 or 3 at a time since I have some very close friends.

  2. Setting aside the matter of rape and the age of the victim, I cannot understand how a person could possibly want to engage in sex in front of a group of friends and film it. Depraved.

    1. This is a personality dissorder and not nothing to do with what he is smoking. This MF`er is a GD pervert.

  3. the girl is troubled and by running away from a place that is her temporary home she then put herself in harms way, this scenario could have played out at any low income housing complex and by any race, illegal, legal or native born. Bad choices made by her put her in this situation, as a father of girls, I would be pissed and looking for blood because adults raped my little girl but the question would always be why does she always make bad choices, we will never know though, I am not her father and I don’t know what she has gone through to get to where she is.

    1. HEY BARRY. it is not the little girl or boy that makes bad choices, it is the punk MF`ers that try to influence the people like the kids and the handicaped to be subjected to these pedifyle MF that do this. Don`t try to rationalize this BS off for the perpetrators. F that, they should get a life and go straigh to prison for a long long time IMOO barry. – like maybe you should when you stick up for these low life bastards. This is just a 12 yr. old. Do you get it you F`er. Don`t blame the 12 yr. old for the pervrsions of a adult.

      1. Sorry barry I said a 12 yr. old , but I meant a thirteen yr. old but then again I guess it doesn`t mean a bit of difference to a fairy MF`er pervert does it barry .

    2. We don’t know why she was in the transitional living/foster facility, nor do we know what she was running away FROM.

      Nor do we actually know that she is “troubled.” CPS places many kids in foster care for reasons not in the best interest of the child.

      Just sayin… we don’t KNOW. Not everything in life is all about “choices,” good or bad. And she’s only 13.

  4. Yep, let’s just get rid of the border all together. That’ll make all the difference. After all, we are one big happy, f**ked up family.

    When are the American people going to get up, stop everything they are doing for a few weeks, take up arms and put an end to this madness? I can’t believe it has gotten this far without a fight. This shit has gone on long enough. It’s time to round up some of these sons of bitches and if they resist, then don’t be afraid to take these illegal bastards out, including the ones in our government and the White House.

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