15 Sinkholes Open Up In Past 24 Hours!

Published on Feb 21, 2014 by DAHBOO77

You can all of these to the list …All in the past 24 Hours!

[link to ottawa.ctvnews.ca]

[link to boston.cbslocal.com]

Rockville Center, Long Island
[link to www.newsday.com]

[link to mynews13.com]

[link to www.goerie.com]

[link to www.newschannel5.com]

[link to www.myfoxchicago.com]

Portland, Oregon
[link to www.kmvt.com]

Orange County
[link to www.wesh.com]

Wallington, UK
[link to www.croydonadvertiser.co.uk]

Manton, UK
[link to www.worksopguardian.co.uk]

[link to www.pennlive.com]

Woodland Hiils
[link to news.yahoo.com]

Holiday, Fl
[link to www.kpho.com]

[link to www.myfoxmemphis.com]

6 thoughts on “15 Sinkholes Open Up In Past 24 Hours!

  1. #1, I was hoping that the article would tell us that Obama and all of his minions, were swallowed up in a sink hole! Ah, we can only wish it to be true!

    1. That thought flashed through my mind also. Congress in full session would be an extremely opportune time for a massive sinkhole to open and swallow the whole traitorous lot.

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