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1500′ TV Tower

Published on Nov 10, 2014 by Prairie Aerial

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Somebody has to change out that lightbulb at the top of those tall TV towers!

This is tower climber Kevin Schmidt making the climb to the very top of the now inactive KDLT TV analog broadcast antenna near Salem, SD.

It was a beautiful fall day for a climb and the views are stunning! I would suggest watching at 1080 HD in full screen to get a small taste of the experience.

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4 Responses to 1500′ TV Tower

  1. Swifty Lomax says:

    I have been known to jump out of perfectly good airplanes while in mid flight but I’ll have no part of this thank you.

  2. Haymaker says:

    First of all, SCREW THAT LIGHT BULB! Secondly, where’s his assistant that carries his balls for him, they’ve gotta be huge!

  3. Martist says:

    I’d like to perform an analysis of the contents of his lungs after exposing himself to all those chemtrails. THAT is probably what WILL kill him.

  4. Nottoobitter says:

    Iv done a couple hundred up to a windmill but DAMN. Sounds fun.

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