17 dead, former student in custody after school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High in Broward

Miami Herald

An American nightmare unfolded Wednesday afternoon at a North Broward high school after police say an expelled student returned to school wielding an assault rifle and opened fire, killing 17 in the worst school shooting in Florida history.

Just before dismissal at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, thousands of students puzzled at the sound of a fire alarm were launched into a panic when gunfire punctuated the din. As teachers and students fled hallways and hid under desks, a former student expelled from school opened fire, leaving a trail of bodies and stunned confusion in his wake.  

The Broward Sheriff’s Office says Nikolaus Cruz, 19, killed 17 teenagers and adults. Wielding an AR-15 and equipped with multiple clips, he shot down a dozen people inside buildings on the school’s sprawling campus, shot two more on the grounds, and one more on the corner of Pine Island Road as he fled.

Two more died at the hospital, and 15 more were wounded, many of whom were in surgery at Broward Medical Center or Broward Health North. The Broward Sheriff’s Office says the school, home to about 3,200 students, has been cleared, but they’ve not identified any of the victims.

“It’s a day that you pray every day when you get up that you will never have to see. It is in front of us. I ask the community for prayers and their support for the children and their families,” Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, appearing at a media staging area near the school, told WSVN Channel 7. “We received no warning… Potentially there could have been signs out there. But we didn’t have any warning or phone calls or threats that were made.”

The shooter, identified by Sheriff Scott Israel as Cruz, managed to make it off campus before he was cornered and taken into custody near the community entrance Pelican Pointe at Wyndham Lakes in Coral Springs. He was transported to Broward Health North, and then sped away from the hospital in a police escort.

Israel, whose triplets once attended the high school, said during a 5 p.m. press conference that multiple SWAT teams are still clearing out the school and that an “all clear” has not yet been issued. Israel called the shooting a “detestable act” and “catastrophic.”

He did not name a motive for the shooting, which he said doesn’t immediately appear to have been prompted by any confrontation, and did not explain why Cruz was expelled from school.

A teacher at the school told the Miami Herald that Cruz, 19, had been identified as a potential threat to fellow students in the past. Math teacher Jim Gard says he believes the school administration had sent out an email warning teachers that Cruz had made threats against other teenagers in the past. Another student interviewed on the scene by Channel 7 said the student had guns at home.

“We were told last year that he wasn’t allowed on campus with a backpack on him,” said Gard, who said Cruz had been in his class last year. “There were problems with him last year threatening students, and I guess he was asked to leave campus.”

The shooting began just before dismissal, after someone pulled the fire alarm. Students and teachers were puzzled because the school had already held a fire drill that day.

Then the shots started.

“Six kids ran back into my room, and I locked the door, turned out the lights and had the kids go to the back of the room,” Gard said. “I told the kids to hang in there, it may still be a drill.”

Nicholas Coke was sitting in English class when the fire alarm went off, and left his bag in the classroom before the sound of loud pops sent him running. He described people jumping fences, running behind the middle school and staying in classrooms.

“I wasn’t going to stick around and find out what was going on,” he said.

A video posted to social media showed students hiding under desks, screaming as at least 20 gun shots rang out. Some students believed there was a second shooter at the school, but the Broward Sheriff’s Office has given no indication that was the case.

On the first floor, Geovanni Vilsant, 15, said he was in a Spanish classroom when a fire alarm went off, urging all the students out of their classrooms. Then, two minutes later, gun shots rang out enveloping the three-floor 1200 building in explosions.

Geovanni, a freshman, said he said three bloody bodies on the floor as he was fleeing the school.

“There was blood everywhere,” he said. “They weren’t moving.”

His elder brother, who jumped a fence and sought refuge in a nearby neighborhood, ran back around to try to find Geovanni.

“I had to go back for him,” Bradley Vilsant said from a nearby WalMart where the brothers fled with about 100 other students.

As students hid and escaped, SWAT Teams swarmed the sprawling campus. The FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force, consisting of local, state and federal agents, sent a squad to the school to assist the Broward Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement

Initially, they urged teachers and students to remain barricaded inside until police reached them. Eventually, they began clearing buildings one at a time. Students streamed out in a line with their hands up. Others ran like mad, bookbags strapped to their backs.

Federal authorities said they don’’t believe the high school shootings are related to terrorism.


Worried parents trying to find their children stood by helpless. Authorities designated pick up for students at North Heron Bay Marriott, South at Betty Stradling Park. Many students were being cleared by police and teachers by a Walmart near the school.

Parents stood about a mile away as police blocked him from getting closer to their children. Many spoke on their cell phones trying to calm their children down.

Denise Perez paced as she spoke to her daughter Marsiel Baluja. Her daughter told her that she was sitting between Publix and Walmart with a bunch of other students. They were surrounded by armed marshals.

“Just stay calm, baby,” she said.

Perez just wanted to get closer to her daughter.

“This is really hard,” she said as she cried.

Victoria Olvera, 17, a junior, able to walk out after getting clearance by police officers. She said she was in history when she heard shots.

“Everyone started running,” she said.


19 thoughts on “17 dead, former student in custody after school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High in Broward

        1. Can’t wait to hear Anderson Cooper get behind the microphone on his CNN spot, will he display
          any emotion, or not let a good crisis go to waste?

  1. I say B.S.
    Really? Someone shooting in the room or hall next to the room and NO ONE is running for cover or against a wall?
    Bullet holes in a computer, and looks like the screen is still lit? AND the back of the computer is facing a wall on the hall side meaning no bullet could come in at that angle.
    And REALLY? You have an active shooter and you are going to take the time to give a long shot of a computer with holes??
    Stupid or a set.
    Also sounded like 2 distinctly different guns at the very end.

    1. Very possibly a hoax. Within a day or two hundreds of people will be pointing out all the inconsistencies, so I’ll defer judgement until all the details are in.

      I can tell you that if it did happen, the gun controllers are to blame. By convincing millions of Americans to be defenseless, they’ve created hordes of victims waiting to be sitting ducks. A generation ago it would have been hard to shoot so many people without getting shot yourself.

      1. The alternative they’re aiming for is disarmament, and that’s not going to happen.

        You can kill half the kids in this country and I’m not surrendering any firearms.

      2. It’s crazy people will choose to be sitting ducks. Make the people defenseless.
        Wish I had that photo from the 50’s or 60’s of all the students sitting in front of the school guarding it. When I was in school people had gun racks with guns in them at school. One or two would clean them in shop class and sharpen their knives, now can’t even take a knife to school.

        I had just watched the video. I just now read the story. Students believed there was more than one shooter, but sheriffs office gave no indication that was the case.

        1. “When I was in school people had gun racks with guns in them at school.”

          and there were absolutely NO school shootings.

  2. “… Nikolaus Cruz, 19, killed 17 teenagers and adults. Wielding an AR-15 and equipped with multiple clips,…”

    Been wondering when they’d get back around to this one… the oh-so-evil AR15. Bet they were all 30 round “clips” 🙄 , as well.

    But I’m with JR on this one, I’m not going to ‘jump the gun’ just yet, I’ll just marinate on it, especially since we have the best, here at FTT, at dismantling the lies & propaganda.

    We should know much (or most) of the TRUTH within the next 48 hrs… that would be my best guesstimate. 🙂

    But I will say this much – if it turns out this was a ‘legitimate’ shooting (meaning that all those people really died, and he’s the perp), my mammon’s on MK Ultra (or a reasonable facsimile thereof).

  3. An abysmal fbi performance…I also wonder if some names used are used to muddy search results? Israel etc? This kid has “dylann adam lanza roof” redux written all over him, but yeah, I’ll wait too…

    1. Hey, Mark, thanks for the response this a.m.! And I bet lifetime tell-lie-vision has been working on it for MONTHS already. Wouldn’t surprise me, anyway. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. In the vid. the man says there was supposed to be a fire drill today, and a gun arm drill.

      I almost went out last night to see if anything was posted for crisis actors, but didn’t.

      I’m with several others that will give this event 48 hrs. to unwind and let the ashes settle.

      Well, it hasn’t even been 48 hrs. and here we have drills being mentioned.


  4. I’d put money on 99% of those parents will send their kids back there once it’s reopened

    No matter if this is real or staged
    Those sheeple are not made privy to that knowledge ,yet still they make the same herd decision
    I can’t get over how stupid humans have become by all this conditioning

    And once again the classic Attack on the AR15
    And total failure on the part of Corperate Security

    Yep pigs ,yer job is still to hand out bogus revinue invoices
    While the real threats gain huge ground ,
    Some doughnut sucker is out shooting someone in the back for looking guilty

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