17 Years of Shame: Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

Rights and Dissent

For over a decade, we’ve gathered outside the White House or at the Supreme Court on January 11 to mark the anniversary of the opening of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay. Over 700 men have been detained there. Fortunately, most have been released after having been cleared of wrongdoing. But 40 men are still detained at the facility, so it’s important that we continue to protest.   

DRAD is co-sponsoring three events in DC, and one in Berkeley.

The State of Muslim Rights in the US War on Terror
Thursday, January 10

6-8:30 pm
Public Welfare Foundation
1200 U St. NW
Refreshments will be served, so please RSVP on eventbrite
Please spread the word on Facebook
This event is free

Congressional Briefing
17 Years Too Long:  Guantanamo Bay Prison in the War on Terror

Friday, January 11
10-11 AM
Longworth House Office Building, Room 1539
15 Independence Ave SE

Protest in front of the White House
Friday, January 11

2:30 – 4 pm
In Lafayette Park in front of the White House
RSVP and share the Facebook event

Protest at UC Berkeley
Friday, January 11 

12:30-1:30 pm
UC Berkeley Law School
2778 Bancroft Way @ College Ave., Berkeley
Meet up in front of the law school, rain or shine. 


Friday, January 11 protest at the White House

Friday, January 11 at 2:30 -4 pm In Lafayette Park in front of the White House
The protest is co-sponsored with Witness Against Torture, Justice for Muslims Collective, Center for Constitutional Rights and several other organizations. Please bring signs. There will be 40 orange jumpsuits and we may need some volunteers to wear them!


One thought on “17 Years of Shame: Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

  1. Growing up we always heard Cuba was an ally of Russia and therefore an enemy of us. Communists!! Years on it occurred to me that the U.S. Guantanamo Bay Detention Center was located on Cuba’s south shore. Oh, so our so-called enemy just happens to let us use their land to hold prisoners who in some cases may be their allies?

    Just more proof that at the top they all collude and use whatever system upholds the status quo with them always remaining in power.

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