1917 – CFR JP Morgan Chase Bailout the NWO

The Counsel on Foreign Relations is almost a century old, same era as the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

The 10 Primary Stockholders in the Federal Reserve System are:
1) The Rothschilds ~ London
2) The Rothschilds ~ Berlin
3) The Lazard Brothers ~ Paris
4) Israel Seiff ~ Italy
5) Kuhn-Loeb Company ~ Germany
6) The Warburgs ~ Amsterdam
7) The Warburgs ~ Hamburg
8) Lehman Brothers ~ NY
9) Goldman & Sachs ~ NY
10) The Rockerfellers ~ NY

These figures are from the original charter of the federal reserve bank back in 1913. Since that time they have sold their shares so now we have 300 banking families. But the Queen of England has and remains a 65% stockholder stake as per se the Act of 1871 in which the constitutional government declared bankruptcy and was replaced with a pseudo-corporate government controlled by the crown of england, which has been masquerading as the constitutional government ever since.

Prof. Carroll Quigley Advisor to Clinton was the Prof. historian who confirmed and researched this per the CFR instruction.


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