1933 The Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES

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1933 was a year of MAJOR events in America. During this year constitutional money (gold) became outlawed and effectively all property in America become mortgaged and held (in Trust) for the Federal Reserve bank as collateral for the nation debt. All of this was done without the full knowledge or consent of the American people. This was the year that the Government instituted the creation of the ALL CAPITAL letter strawman names (via the newly required Birth certificates) for American citizens thus creating a whole new class of “Persons” as debtor slaves.

On June 5th, 1933 the UNITED STATES congress passed House Joint Resolution 192 which served as a declaration of bankruptcy. Congress declared in HJR 192 that demanding payments in Gold (constitutional money) or in any particular form would now be against public policy. At the same time President Roosevelt issued executive order 6102 forbidding the hoarding of gold coins, gold bullion and certificates. With this executive order Roosevelt ordered that most of the gold in circulation be turned in to Federal Reserve Banks across the nation under the threat of fines and 10 years imprisonment.

What the leaders at the time failed to disclose was, that with the confiscation of all gold (money) and property, that made all Americans (Spelled in Proper case) CREDITORS to the U.S. bankruptcy. Because of the passage of HJR 192 it was now illegal for Americans to pay for anything. Gold was traded for Federal Reserve notes of indebtedness which made paying for anything impossible as notes of debt do not pay for anything but delay the payment until a later date. What the government offered instead of gold was CREDIT, but they offered it to the banks, not the people.

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4 thoughts on “1933 The Bankruptcy of the UNITED STATES

  1. They’re still comin’ at us, everyday in various ways. Exorbitant taxes, civil asset forfeiture, inflation, licensing fees, permits, negative interest, penalties, slave wages, just to name a few. They want us to have nothing and be dependent on them, giving them full control, while they sail their yachts and fly their jets, and in their palaces dine on the fruits of our labor. 1933 has nothing on us. I mean, it’s already that bad ’cause gold confiscation has many faces. What’s next, your first born? Oh never-mind, I forgot, they already have some of the children through their corrupt education system and entertainment complex. But they don’t have the children of those who taught and teach their young ones what freedom is about and how self-determinism is the way to propel their lives to fulfillment. Bless those parents.

    The TAKERS have taken far to much. Stolen the peoples’ wealth. What work we have to win it back, but it is the work of free man and women, which, at our core is what we are.


    1. Somewhere we lost a core value of dealing with this in a very definitive way
      And I do mean finative
      Like as in final

    2. Hii Galen,

      Actually, they have the all children born and unborn already also.

      That’s what the “Birth Certificates”, also created as part of the 1933 Bankruptcy Reorganization, is all about,… they had declared that not only were the people alive in 1933 responsible for the fictitious debt created the zionist created “Federal Reserve”, but all people yet to be born were pledged as collateral (Surety) to pay that debt, and all future debt.

      It’s a con, a fraud, a well disguised piece of legal fiction used to consummate the overthrow of this country from within, and not let the population have even the slightest idea that they are new modern version of slavery.

      It stops when people understand this, their anger explodes into actions, and gun barrels explode with hate, and our oppressors/traitors brains explode into meat confetti.

      There is no short cut, there are no “legal actions” or “political actions” or any other form of addressing these grievances that will fix it accept to exterminate the traitors within and without our country,… with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

      JD – US Marine Looking Forward To That Moment!

  2. Thanks JD and EOTS. Guess what you both said can’t be said enough.

    And JD, I was referring to the rebel children, those born of rebel parents who are outliers to the unlawful demands of the state. I have to see them as free, as non-victims waiting for their moment.


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