2 Hospitalized After ‘White Powdery Substance’ Discovered At Ted Cruz Campaign Office

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Less than an hour after CNN reported that two envelopes tainted with the deadly poison ricin had been intercepted at a Pentagon Mail Facility (the pieces of mail were addressed to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Navy Admiral John Richardson), the Weekly Standard reported that an envelope containing a “white powdery substance” was received by Ted Cruz’s Houston campaign headquarters.

Multiple fire trucks and at least one hazmat truck responded to the scene after the letter was opened by campaign staff, who promptly reported it to authorities.  

According to WS, two people were hospitalized following exposure to the powder, though the Houston Fire Department later confirmed that the substance didn’t test positive for anything harmful.

Still, that both Cruz’s office and the Pentagon received these envelopes on the same day seems like a most unusual coincidence.


5 thoughts on “2 Hospitalized After ‘White Powdery Substance’ Discovered At Ted Cruz Campaign Office

  1. Ahh…..the infamous Ricin gag. Works every time to create an unnecessary crisis and to continue to reinforce fear in the populace and it’s corrupt politicians.

  2. I guess Mr. “if you ain’t for the Jews, then you’re not American” Cruz is either trying to find a way to beef up security for himself OR his Jewish masters aren’t too happy with his progress.

  3. I have a better option…

    I’m going to send my 6 months of dirty underwear to them….and….

    They thought white powder was bad.

    Because I believe in providing viable practical solutions.

    In a world..

    With fkd up answers.

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