2 Kids Shot Inside Philadelphia High School

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PHILADELPHIA – Philadelphia police are confirming that two students have been shot at a charter school in the city’s Logan section.


The shooting is being reported at Delaware Valley Charter High School, located at 5201 Old York Road.  

There’s no immediate word on the extent of injuries or conditions of the students, both of whom are being taken to Albert Einstein Medical Center.

A portion of the school building is reported to be under a lockdown, although students can be seen leaving the building.

Police are said to be reviewing surveillance camera footage from inside the school building.

Police say parents can pick up their children on the 5200 block of Old York Road, with students exiting the Duncannon Avenue side of the building.

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3 thoughts on “2 Kids Shot Inside Philadelphia High School

  1. What is being done to kids/people today. There has always been
    guns but there has never been people committing crimes like this.
    People all -over are in some sort of blind rage. Anything can set
    them off. Think outside the box.

  2. I believe we are getting close to the final days of the NWO to begin their catastrophic crises on the country. Every week there is at least one shooting going on and this week here we’ve had three local ones.They are getting ready for their big move.Be ready and stay vigilant.

  3. To add to this, what if all these shootings since the Colorado shooting are a lead up to a catastrophic event that is a mass shooting. What better way to get people behind gun confiscation. I’m not talking about a school but maybe a town or a city. This would of course be blamed on the tea party or some radical group that had a beef with the government. Like that article awhile back about a group that took over a small town back east that turned out to be bs. I’t’s just strange the amount of shootings in the last two years.

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