8 thoughts on “2 Monkeys Were Paid Unequally

  1. I don’t find this funny at all … it’s cruel. It’s a mind f***!!

    Imagine how human parents, knowingly or unknowingly, create favoritism and chaos within their own family by treating the children inequally. If one can see this within the family structure, they can identify it in society.

    Speaking from experience? Yes!
    . . .

    1. You bet Cathleen, People are a realy rotten species of animal. Check out the uw of wisconsin to see about their crush experiments they did on beagles, I think they also did these experiments at berkley too.

    2. I disagree.

      Cruel would be if they were testing experimental drugs or vaccines on these monkeys, or injecting them with new diseases created in laboratories to study the effects.

      What this proves is that even so-called ‘dumb’ animals have a sense of fair play, contrary to popular belief.

      Neither one appeared to be starving, malnourished, sick, or mistreated to me.

  2. That has no scientific value at all. Political value, yes – if you are a right-wing idiot. The moral: animals are not stupid, people who are surprised by this are.

    1. No scientific value at all? This research (now a few years old) was the FIRST time a sense of “fairness” was scientifically demonstrated to exist in a species other than humans. As such, it was groundbreaking. We may have known intuitively all along that this was true, but designing an experiment to prove it is what good science is all about. I’m also not sure what your gratuitous stab at “right wing idiots” is about, unless you’re a troll trying to rile up readers here. Both right and left leaning individuals can be pretty good at being in denial when others are being jerked around.

      The lesson here is that we all need to be fair with each other all the time, at the individual, governmental, and institutional level. No matter how profitable unfairness can be, we need to recognize its corrossiveness on good governance and peaceful relations.

    2. Listen you mamzer putz! No scientific VALUE??
      Sure a putz like you see only scientific value in Saint al of the Gore Global warming!
      Go back under the rock, that you crawled from!

    3. Of course it has scientific value. Setting up situations and observing animals response is always valuable.

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