2 Texas deputies killed in shootout with suspect while responding to ‘dog complaint’

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Two sheriff’s deputies in Texas were killed in a shootout in Eden on Monday night over a dog complaint, according to reports.

Concho County deputies arrived at a home on the 100 block of Bryan Street in Eden, Texas, to respond to a complaint about a dog around 8:20 p.m. Monday, KSAN/KLST reported, citing an update provided by the Texas Rangers on Tuesday.

The alleged gunman — 28-year-old Jeffrey Nicholas — led deputies on a short foot pursuit and barricaded himself in a building. A standoff resulted in gunfire being exchanged, KLST/KSAN reported. During the investigation into the complaint, Nicholas was contacted and an altercation broke out, the outlet reported.

Two deputies were killed and another unidentified person was wounded. Authorities did not immediately identify the victims. The deputies’ bodies are to be escorted to Lubbock on Tuesday, where autopsies will be performed.

Nicholas was booked into Tom Green County Jail on two counts of capital murder of a peace officer or fireman, online records show. He is being held on a $4 million bond — $2 million for each count.

A trooper from the Texas Department of Public Safety was traveling from San Angelo Tuesday morning to the scene of the shooting, KTXS reported.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott issued a statement Tuesday after it was reported that two Concho County Sherriff’s deputies were killed while serving in the line of duty.

“Our hearts are broken over the senseless murder of two Concho County Sheriff’s Deputies who were gunned down in the line of duty. This terrible loss is a solemn reminder of the risks our brave law enforcement officers face while protecting our communities,” Abbott wrote.

“The State of Texas is prepared to provide any assistance needed to support the Concho County community and bring the perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice. Cecilia and I ask our fellow Texans to join us in prayer for the families, friends, and colleagues of these brave Sheriff’s deputies.”

The Concho County Sheriff’s Office declined over the phone to provide more details to Fox News on Tuesday, referring media inquiries to the Texas Rangers. The Texas Department of Public Safety did not immediately return Fox News’ email seeking more information.

Texas law enforcement agencies, including Pearland Police and Frisco Police, offered condolences in tributes posted to social media Tuesday.

“Please join us this morning in lifting up in prayer our Brothers and Sisters with the Concho County Sheriff’s Office,” Frisco Police tweeted. “Two of their deputies were killed in a shootout late Monday night in Eden. We will never forget their sacrifice.”

Pearland Police “is saddened to have learned of the two Concho County Deputies who were shot and killed in the line of duty late Monday night,” the agency tweeted. “Please keep their families and friends and the brave men and women of the Concho County Sheriff’s Office in your prayers.”

Drew Darby, a state representative serving House District 72, which includes Concho County, said that he and his wife, Clarisa, “are devastated by the senseless slaying of two Concho County law enforcement officers. Our heartfelt condolences and prayers to their families and the entire community. Please join us in lifting their families up in prayer and asking for God’s abundant peace.”


10 thoughts on “2 Texas deputies killed in shootout with suspect while responding to ‘dog complaint’

  1. ““are devastated by the senseless slaying of two Concho County law enforcement officers.” Of course it’s never senseless when they slay one of us! Oh, and actually it makes perfect sense to me. Why not you!?

    1. Yep! When it’s us it’s because “we had it comin”, “didn’t comply”, “resisted” or they flat out just “feared for their lives “. I wonder if they have a multiple choice questionnaire A,B,C or D?

      1. that’s right. like I commented earlier.. we’re sposta feel bad.. pillar of community loving husband.. line of duty.. routine blablabla.. I read the article. DID NOT read the italicized remarks cause I know what they say.. this is to pit us against each other.. here where I live people have signs in their yard.. We Support Our pOlice… it’s disgusting but that’s what they’ve done to us. Andy Griffith with his Sheriff on one side Justice of Peace on the other side plaque. tyranny through comedy.. they drown us with this hero worship horshit where unless you’ve personally been touched by one of these coksukers.. you have no reason to believe they aren’t heroes or that society wouldn’t crumble without them..

  2. I am not quite following the story too well. What did “Jeffrey Nicholas” have to do with a “dog complaint”? Maybe he killed those two gestapo thugs before they could kill a dog! Now that would a hero’s story!

  3. “According to statistics reported to the FBI, 89 law enforcement officers were killed in line-of-duty incidents in 2019. Of these, 48 officers died as a result of felonious acts, and 41 officers died in accidents.” — FBI National Press Office, May 4, 2020

    On average, armed American cops kill 100 unarmed civilians per month. This number of civilian deaths does not include how many civilians die while in police custody. That number is unknown. So, armed and trained cops are ahead of unarmed civilians when it comes to being killed. Interestingly enough, armed police as an occupation, is not found in the top ten most dangerous jobs in America.

  4. what is this? 2 of these stories 2 days in a row?? reckon why? oh I Know Why it’s happening. i just wonder why they’re reporting it?? of course this is gonna make em more assholish when you are ambushed by em.. and make the Loyalists more vigilant in their See something Say something endeavors.. tattletaling.. calling them for every stupid little thing.. Cause they’re helping doncha know!? that’s ok. i already hate em. keep these stories coming.. so many that you can’t fit em on the page!!

  5. MY friend was a PARK RANGER,he walked around the camp grounds to hold it down to a low roar,WHEN he started working as a Park Ranger,HE was told ..LEAVE THEIR DOGS and PETS ALONE,just tell them to keep their pets on a leash,but do not do anything else,THE HEAD OF THE PARK SERVICE TOLD THEM ALL….BROTHERING PEOPLES DOGS,IS THE NUMBER ONE REASON FOR THE DEATH OF PARK RANGERS…YET the police gangs love to shoot dogs and children…AND RAPE YOUNG WOMEN OR KILL THEM..

  6. Like I said
    Dyin’ ain’t much of a livin’
    Y’all brought this upon yer selves
    All the hyperbole over who they were supposed to be , isn’t factual
    So get off it already
    They came to murder that animal who is a family member and protector
    They just didn’t realize they were the animals set for removal

  7. There is a lot more to this shit show thatvthey arent telling us, like why did the shooting start? where is the video coverage? What arecthey hiding.?

    These communists jerkoffs are hiding something.

  8. What I read was
    The dog wasn’t his
    But the pigs were in his yard
    He told them to leave
    They aggressively approached him
    He told them to stop or he’d shoot
    They didn’t and proceeded to charge at him
    So , he dispatched them for trespassing and gave them warning that this would be his final action against them

    They didn’t listen, so he kept his word

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