2 Texas men die trying to jump car over open drawbridge

NBC News

Two Texas men died Friday after they tried to jump over an open drawbridge with their car, authorities said.

Louisiana State Police responded to a single-car crash shortly after 2 a.m. at the Black Bayou Bridge about six miles south of Lake Charles. Investigators said the bridge was closed to traffic to let a boat pass. 

A witness told police that the passenger got out of the car and pushed the gate arm up. The man then got back into the car as the driver drove toward the ramp at the end of the bridge, the police department said in a press release on its Facebook page.

The driver stopped briefly, reversed and then “accelerated forward in an attempt to ‘jump’ the ramp of the bridge.” police said.

The car landed in the water and sank to the bottom. The driver was found inside the car, and the passenger was found outside the vehicle after first managing to escape, investigators said. The men, whose identities have not been revealed, were pronounced dead at the scene.


5 thoughts on “2 Texas men die trying to jump car over open drawbridge

  1. ‘Drum Roll, please? And the winner of the 2019 Darwin Awards goes to Evel Knievel’s stupid cousins…..’

  2. I was on a 3rd floor apartment in Ocean City, MD in the early 2000’s. Across the alley from us was an exposed 5 story parking garage. A Lyons security car was blocking the entrance/exit and the 2 drunk NY PR’s continued racing up and around until they got to the 4th floor, and in their drunken disoriented state, must have thought that the lack of cars parked in a few spaces as they rounded the turn was the exit. They were facing my direction and I heard them gun the motor. Pointed right at me they broke the chain and dropped 4 stories landing on the roof. SUV was no taller than my hip. I was waiting for a director to yell “CUT!”!

    I think all these folks saw “The Dukes of Hazzard” one too many times.

  3. Didn’t have cop tires, cop suspension or cop shocks. Getcher self a de-commissioned cruiser from the cops, then jump yer bridges. But, make damn sure the cigarette lighter works!

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