2 women killed, toddler injured in shooting at Texas A&M University-Commerce residence hall


COMMERCE, Texas — Updated at 4:23 p.m. with additional details about the incident.

Two adult woman were killed and a toddler has been taken to the hospital following a shooting at Texas A&M University-Commerce on Monday, according to university officials. 

All three people were gunshot victims, officials said. The toddler, who is about 2 years old, is in stable condition.

The shooting took place at Pride Rock Residence Hall shortly before 10:15 a.m., authorities said during a news conference later Monday.

A shelter-in-place was lifted after being in place for about two hours, but the dorm and surrounding areas remain blocked off, officials said.

All classes have been canceled for the rest of Monday at the Commerce campus. Classes have been canceled for Tuesday and Wednesday as well, according to the school’s police department.

Officers are stationed throughout the campus and those displaced by the investigation can go to Rayburn Student Center in the meantime, officials said.

Counselors will also be available at the student center for anyone who would like assistance.

Pride Rock Residence Hall is a three-story residence hall open to first-year students.

Authorities said Monday afternoon there did not appear to be any additional threats.

Commerce ISD also said all of its facilities were placed on a “lock-out,” meaning no one will be allowed to enter or leave its facilities. That was lifted by 2 p.m.

Campbell ISD issued a shelter-in-place but lifted it after the university ended its own. No visitors were allowed on campus and students will not be allowed to leave during the incident, the school’s Facebook account said.


5 thoughts on “2 women killed, toddler injured in shooting at Texas A&M University-Commerce residence hall

  1. Texas A&M is more than likely Liable for their deaths
    If a corporation disarms you with policy but is negligent in providing security and the safety you would have if you were armed … they should have their asses sued off

    The surviving child should own that establishment

    1. A&M Commerce is not officially part of A&M but just in their system, but still….when Aggies do stupid things, it pisses me off–signed, Aggie Mom

      1. I guess the point i was trying to make is, if some place or someone disarms you with policy , they should be held liable for your safety ..because due to their “policy” you’ve been rendered unable to protect yourself

        and if you die because you couldn’t defend your life , that entity should be held responsible

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