3 thoughts on “2000 National Guard troops sworn in as Special Deputy U.S. Marshals

  1. “We have no idea why these troops are here , and what purpose they serve”

    But we do know that our “public scumbag servants” just designated more than 1/2 this country as Terrorists
    Whoever THINKS they are “in charge” may want to brush up on the Declaration of Independence , before making any irrational moves

    1. The Declaration of Independence was written by aristocrats as a part of hijacking the people’s uprising for their natural rights and replacing it with a revolution to create another kingdom where the people were to be serfs. They took the battle cry of those uprising and added in their own complaint that they couldn’t bring more people in to take what belonged to the rest of us.
      F-k the aristocrats, they didn’t whip the British, they hid in their holes like the Congress did on December 6th until the free men and women of this country, the poor people of this country finished the fighting and then they claimed the victory.
      This time every aristocrat must be tried and hung and we the people under our law will decide how any government WE might decide to put in place will serve us with the special acts put in place for immediate hangings of anyone in the fiduciary convicted of violating our law.

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