2016 Vontage Business Commercial

We’ve Mastered Nanotechnology….
We’ve Cloned Animals….

Published on Jun 6, 2016 by Vonage Business

Humankind accomplishes incredible things through technology, but we still feel stuck in the past when it comes to business technology. Vonage believes businesses deserve seamless cloud communication solutions that are actually easy to use. #itsabouttime
Learn more about cloud communications at www.Vonage.com/ItsAboutTime

One thought on “2016 Vontage Business Commercial

  1. We just put in a brand new, supposedly state of the art Vonage Business phone system. I have to tell all of you, it is the biggest, most convoluted, useless phone system I have ever seen in my life. Our old system was light years ahead of this POS Vonage system, what I used to do on one pop up screen now takes three separate log in windows and you still cannot use it, you cannot transfer calls, you cannot conference calls and you cannot see who’s available. Utterly useless, it is a fine example of one step forward and two steps back.

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