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2019 AIPAC: Israeli Ambassador threatens antiZionists with stone age level exclusion (Talpiot).

Published on Mar 24, 2019

57 TRUNEWS Live Coverage of AIPAC 2019

If it is indeed true that Israel is in complete control of the high tech sector including, AI, Internet of things, Chip, software, Cybersecurity,

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9 Responses to 2019 AIPAC: Israeli Ambassador threatens antiZionists with stone age level exclusion (Talpiot).

  1. Israeli economy? That country runs on US aid, private Jew donors, and holohoax extortion payments. Their only notable exports are espionage, financial fraud, and cut diamonds. How cliché Jew is that? FU Israel!

  2. DL. says:

    Talmudic Jews, Israeli or not, can make all the threats they want, but the facts are these: one, they couldn’t even beat Hezbollah in 2006; two, just because Frump “claims” the Golan is part of Israel does not make it so–heck Frump could “claim” the entire Middle East belongs to Israel, to no effect!; three, the only way the Syn of Sat gets to blow up Al-Aqsa Mosque is (as Rick Wiles stated in another “God-cast” of TruNews) if Kushner’s deal with the Saudis removed King Abdullah of Jordan from the equation–Jordan is ready to literally go to war over this since they are trustees to Muslim and Christian Holy sites, not Israel (If Abdullah’s statements are actually true, and Frump known this); four, if Israel can “defend itself” then why do they need US funding? (Oh I forgot, Rothschild is the owner of most of Israel, and all the US is doing is paying off the Rothschild debt. How much of this “foreign aid” does Israel actually get?) And finally, if Israel was so powerful than why are the brave Palestinian people still being brave? So, is Israel so arrogant but also cowardly that they’d actually go to war on their own against both Syria and Jordan (while Saudi can’t even beat up starving Yemenis! Some help the Clown Prince will be!) when Syria with a little help from Russia and Iran defeated ISIS etc. and when Jordan is almost half-Palestinians who have a lot of power in Jordan’s Parliament and can’t wait to get revenge against Israel? And if Israel thinks the US will do all their fighting for them while the US can’t even beat the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Shiites in Iraq, and the illegals in California…. How’s that Talpiot working out for ya?

    The only “stone age level exclusion” that will stop me is a Noahide-level guillotine! GOD IS IN CONTROL, not Talmudic Rabbis!

    • KOYOTE says:

      OY VEY!!!
      YOU VIL SUBMIT!!!!

    • Sjell Norlander says:

      I agree with a lot of the above points. I would caution:

      Israel controls Putin (through the Bolshevik Chabad backdoor) and the US (Trump through the Fed, AIPAC, Christian Zionists and much more). By creating a synthesis of these two nations through endless fighting proxy wars (at best), and creating or stealing tech. Israel will use their command of the cashless economy to exclude who every from anything from freedom (hate laws) to the ability to buy or sell.
      With regards to Palestinians, Israel recognizes they can’t just genocide them on facebook live, which is why they use every dirty method under the sun to slowly kill them.

      I’m surprised you may or may not know the US didn’t want to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan? Jimmy Carter trained and funded them to fight the Soviets and then they used them as a drug manufac false opposition. Some of these fighters are also involved in the Syrian rebel groups (ISIS) sometimes changing their identity.

      Nothing that you said is wrong per say. I think it is important to be prepared to move to under populated areas and use precious metals etc.

  3. galen says:

    E. Michael Jones on “design.”



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