2021 Rings In Continued Corruption – Leaders Who Belong Behind Bars – Bill Of Rights Ignored

So here we are again, waiting with bated breath to see what kind of continued nightmare will be brought forth by some of the most corrupt leaders America has had in 50 years. Seemingly, things are getting worse and not better, covid-19 is becoming something of a joke more and more each day, as our leaders seem to waiver on how real it really is.

It has become so bad that we can’t even decidedly pick a leader by an honest vote, turning American ideals into a circus sideshow. We have billionaires that have decided it is up to them to rule and to set aside the common working man who without we would not be here.

I still think on a daily basis on how this site’s founder Henry Shivley told us at the inception of this website about all of this happening, and by God it happened.

Let’s not forget that Henry has also told us the only way to get rid of all this garbage is by force, nothing less. We hear those words daily from both Henry and John on our daily show. Hopefully the masses that have tuned into the show have taken this into consideration and are planning just that.

Let us all hope that reality sinks in quick, and that our beloved United States of America is reinstated and removed away from the Communists. Our children are growing up under a kind of tyranny that only can be described as evil, something that all of us here understand must be eliminated as fast as possible.

So here we are in 2021, with the reality of tyranny, corruption and players of evil that call themselves leaders of the United States. American Nationals have our own leaders who we call the Bill of Rights, numbers one through ten. Thank goodness for From the Trenches World Report, thank goodness for Henry Shivley and John Dee, and the knowledge of knowing that the Bill of Rights is and always will be the supreme law of our land.

I pray that our children and our grandchildren see the day when the Bill of Rights is reinstated.

Down with the New World Order and God bless the American national and more importantly all of us here, at this website we call home. I hope all of you here we’ll have a beautiful 2021 and thank you for the continued support of not only the Bill of Rights but this great website.

23 thoughts on “2021 Rings In Continued Corruption – Leaders Who Belong Behind Bars – Bill Of Rights Ignored

  1. Henry said what I’ve known for many years, problems don’t go away because the year number on a calendar does. Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday, and by golly all the problems we had yesterday are still here. When the Bill of Rights is once again enforced as the Supreme Law, and our Common Law Courts are reinstated, that will truly begin a new era of prosperity for all American Nationals.

    1. With any luck sooner than later, thank you for the reinforcement sunfire, looking forward to more of your articles in the near future.

    2. But you do bring up a good point Sunfire, I should have titled the article “new year same shit”, oooops. LOL

      By the way, you should write more on the site Sunfire you always have a lot of good things to say. You’ve been here forever, you should do more writing.

      We have a lot of people here that should write more. It’s just the right thing to do.

      1. There are so many people submitting articles that I picture Henry and Laura being literally swamped with keeping up with all of them. If I see a piece of information not submitted to the site, I send it to Henry right away. So many things that go through my head Henry puts into words that really drive the point home and refute all the lies and bullshit that politicians, lawyers and attorneys try to deceive the people with in the hopes of removing their freedoms guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. Ever since my mom passed, I’ve been taking care of another family member who has had four failed back surgeries, Diabetes, and Leukemia. I’m also trying to get a job, so time hasn’t been plentiful, but rest assured, I do keep up with the site. How I wish this thing would start because when it’s over, the site won’t even be needed anymore, we’ll all be living like Saudi princes.

          1. When all the stolen wealth is recovered, American Nationals will make Saudi Princes and Jimmy Page look like paupers!

  2. Hey Mark, you’ve been hittin’ it for many, many years. I found you about 15 years ago when I was breakin’ from Jones, and it was like alighting on lamp of grit and truth. Thank you for all the years you’ve put in, brother. It would be a harder and slower fight without you.


    1. It’s been 15 years? I can’t believe it. Thank you for the kind words you’re awesome, I should spend the next 15 years learning how to write. Laughing my ass off. It goes without saying, Henry is damn lucky to have you on his site.
      I think it was Norm who said I have way too much time on my hands. LOL

      1. Ha!! I’m the lucky one. But you’re right about all the writers on the site. Sometimes I’m just astounded at the brilliance, humor, irony, depth, originality, connecting-of-dots. Can’t believe I landed here.

        Move over MSM. Have a seat. Witness real investigating, researching, reporting, telling people the truth. Fewer and fewer are willing to listen to (put up with) your corporate-connected bs. MOVE OVER, unless you jus’ wanna keep waiting to be shoved.


        1. One hell of a lot of Talent on this website and listen I know that I’ve got my hang ups but so be it, eventually everything gets back to normal.

          In the meantime, there are some billionaires that need a good stretching. Bill Gates has caused incredible damage to America, and the world, him first.

      2. Hey guys, just saw this post, well written sir. Unfortunately we are all out of time, the hammer has dropped and they will not stop.

        Had a wonderful lunch with Galen and her husband last Wednesday. I took 2.5 hrs on an hour lunch break and could have stayed talking with them well, for a week no doubt.

        We know what must be done and understand the sacrifices that are coming…..Long live Henry Shively, The bill of rights and the spirit of Samuel Whittemore…….. At least he knew what had to be done, and did it.

        We can only hope we can have a smidgen of his fortitude…..!

  3. Sorry…can’t let it go! It should be “bated breath”, not “baited”> Everything else was perfect!

    1. I wouldn’t push it on a misspelled word. This is the f-king internet, I see a lot worse in the mainstream. Anything to f-king critique I suppose, because it is grammar that is going to save this country.

    2. I cant write, or spell but somebody has to do it. You want to hire me a secretary, ill gladly except.

      I don’t give a shit about my fkg spelling, I write because it makes me feel better, and I love to see people laugh… 🙂

      Fire up your device, write something, give it to Henry so we can all experience your magic.

      Sign it with pride, don’t hide under your mothers dress.

      BTW, you missed something, the word we’ll in last paragraph should be will.

      Oooops 🙂 thats ok i’ll let this one go..

      1. Re: “I can’t write.” Ha!! Your writing is courageous and non-compromising, even motivating. Brother, you CAN write!!


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