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236 Years since the Declaration of Independence and Americans once again Bow to the Crown

As Europe is experiencing its worst economic crisis in a century, Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, marking her 60th year on the British throne.  No expense is being spared.  Giant flotillas on the English Channel accompany the Queen’s royal barge as it floats past monolithic billboards portraying the Queen at different events during her reign.

It is nauseating enough knowing that many British citizens are enthralled at the aspect of worshiping another human, being based on no other consideration than consequence of birth.  It is absolutely sickening to see my fellow Americans following suit.

The United States was won through a bloody conflict to free ourselves from the British monarchy.  Had we not won our Revolution, we would still be subjects of this ugly old crone.  Don’t forget those among our ancestry who were abused by the British Crown to the point that they were pushed to revolt.

In reality the Queen of England still considers herself the sovereign of the United States.  Many might be surprised to find out that as a condition of the British withdrawing from the US Revolutionary War, the people of the United States were forced to pay the British for their participation as our enemy.  Since the Revolution the British Monarchy has maintained exclusive access to US resources, including the inscription of our people to fight two world wars in Europe.

With the passage of HR 347 Trespass Bill and Sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA, when any member of the Royal Family comes to the US, which they still consider to be their sovereign property, we the people can be arrested by what are supposed to be our military forces, just for being on the same grounds that the Royals are occupying.

We are at present literally being attacked from every angle by international insurgents intent on destroying our sovereignty.  What we need to realize is that these insurgents are, at their root, proxies of the Queen of England who are working to bring our covert status as subjects of the Crown to a state of open servitude.

Any person calling themselves an American who would bend a knee to any monarch has completely lost any and all understanding of the makeup and structure of our country.  We the people of the United States are its sovereigns.  We are equal to the Queen of England and do not so much as have to sidestep her on a public sidewalk.  And all those who are at present engaging in this worship of foreign royalty are no better than the Tories our founding fathers ran out of this country.

Maybe the time is coming when we are simply going to have to do it all over again.

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  1. Mark Schumacher - NV says:

    The old bird will be answering to God soon. Let him slap- her around a bit . She will be just another grain of sand in his eyes. That’s if this broken down old relic even makes it there. Her and Barbra Bush can tip toe through the tulips together. Thats’ only if they can dodge the shards of broken glass.

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