28 grade 10 students in Quebec stripped search due to a missing cell phone during an exam

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A school board in Canada has launched an investigation after school staff strip-searched 28 tenth grade students after a cell phone went missing during a final exam.

The students at Cap-Jeunesse high school north of Montreal were told to place their phones on the teacher’s desk to prevent cheating during a math test. When one phone went missing, teachers ordered the strip search.   

“They put us in a small room,” one student told QMI. “[They said] ‘take off your bra, then raise your arms.’ They even tapped us on the back,” she said.

“In the heat of the action, the decision seemed the best,” said School board spokeswoman Nadyne Brochu. The she concedes, “It was a disproportionate action under the circumstances.”

“These are not measures that are recommended by either the school or the school board,” Brochu added, noting that the school’s principal was not informed of the teachers’ decision to conduct the search.

“Once officials heard what had happened, they immediately contacted the students’ parents to explain the situation,” Brochu said. Students will be able to re-take the exam, according to Brochu, who said “the climate was not conducive to a good test.”

The board didn’t say if the teachers will face disciplinary action, saying only that “an administrative investigation is ongoing.”


6 thoughts on “28 grade 10 students in Quebec stripped search due to a missing cell phone during an exam

  1. Its Canada what do you expect in a country where all of the grafitti has to be in french and english so the poor little French Canucks know its graffiti. How many French Canucks does it take to change a light bulb??? democrats are pushing a bill in congress to give citizenship to any French Canadians that will imigrate to this country because they think they will make good democrats….
    You can educate the ignorant……
    You can medicate the crazies……
    But you cant fix stupid ……………..

    Just sayin’

  2. A public school teacher will jump on any excuse to pull a kid’s pants down.

    When I lived in NYC, I saw gay pride parades (which included a lesbian motorcycle gang known as “Dykes on Bikes”), a transvestite parade called “Wigstock,” a NAMBLA demonstration that wanted to legalize pedophilia, and many other public displays of illness, but if I had to name the biggest collection of freaks I’ve ever seen, it would have to be the public school teachers.
    Many of them chose teaching because it’s the only job they could get after being a complete failure at their desired profession, and many of them are pedophiles who want jobs that keep them in contact with kids, but in either case, you’ll never see a bigger collection of misfits in one group. You would always see them marking test papers on the subway, and no one will even sit near them because they even look like lunatics to the general population.

  3. apart from missionaries, farmers, and fishermen, most people do not settle for less than they can earn utilising their talents and developed skills. An exception is found amongst some schoolteachers.

  4. I would not be surprised if the teacher was the person that stole the phone. The students should have called the police. 2ndly when the police refused to do anything, the students could go to the local court and make private prosecution against the teacher! (when police will not prosecute, can do a private prosecution!).

    After the teacher did strip searches and no mobile found, what would have happened had they had grabed the teacher and performed their own forced strip search of the teacher?

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