14 thoughts on “2A Under Attack in Oklahoma

  1. Guns and Gadgets is a fine source for the workings of the tyrants & what they’re up to. BUT, I’m yet to actually hear anything remotely close to the only solution. Oh, actually at end of video he says before it’s too late contact your elected officials. BARF!

    What would it be like if Henry Shivley was doing this reporting? VERY different! All would be armed and ready & fighting at this point.

    This wasn’t about G&G’s but tyrants in Oklahoma, I know. Just had to get this off my mind.

    Oh yeah, and Bloomberg the D. Don’t forget about the gun grabbing R’s.

  2. Nobody is going to report like Henry, this is the sad fkg reality. If we have to rely on these cowards who report on you tube, for the return of our the Bill of Rights, that day would never come. These guys are all phoney ass patriots who are selling product, praying for a high subscriber base. These circus barkers love to tell everybody they have a you tube channel, pathetic when they use our Bill of Rights and the 2nd, especially to make their mammon.

    Yeah, some of these clowns are entertaining, all are cowards. Phonies who like to hear themselves talk.

    Show me just one who actually gives a shit…my pet goldfish has more guts than any of these asshats.

    The Trenches is the leader for the cause, nobody stacks up, pure honor nothing else. If anything else, your history. You come on to this site, you had better have your ammo in a row, leave the ducks in the bathtub. Really tired of all the bullshit.

    1. I hear you Mark. Some are way worse than others imo.

      “Nobody is going to report like Henry, this is the sad fkg reality.”

      “The Trenches is the leader for the cause, nobody stacks up, pure honor nothing else.”


    2. you are correct……I’m making a point to comment on those channels and linking to fttwr …maybe some will see and head over here to check it out

      btw, I love the watch …thank you Mark 🙂

      1. Welcome Mary, glad you enjoy it. I collect antique pocket watches, Waltham. Hamilton, Elgins railroad grade watches, beautiful movements. At least 115 years old type stuff, beautiful.

        You take care of yours, it will last a long time, not a hundred years though, they dont make them like that anymore. Just wind it easy, pull out the crown slow and easy.

  3. Nah, I can’t not take a shot over the bow, at the risk of butchering the English language with using a double negative.

    These aholes with 191k subscribers and such could learn a thing or four from Henry and really be helpful in this fight if they would stop being so G’d mealy mouthed and get down to brass tacks. Stop being afraid to tell it like it is! Just mean what you say and say what you mean!

  4. Yup I turned This crap off, just more of the same stuff. These so called patriots, and I know some are asleep still, but I think they are in the public mediums YT etc Twitch etc to do one main thing…make fkn money

    When this shit gets real, these people will all be gone..! Don’t look for them in the field, they will be the ones pointing you out to the new stasi, saying;

    Yeah he was the one who posted on my site that from the trenches link..!!

    Jones all of them fkn traitor scum..!

  5. So, people with guns backed by a government(usurped or otherwise) , coming to disarm people with guns ..isn’t that the definition of war?

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