2K Flights Canceled So Far

A Frontier airplane waits for passengers at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago Thursday.Newser

Here it comes: A winter storm that might turn into a genuine blizzard began slamming the Northeast this evening, with 2,000 flights canceled as of 6pm Eastern, reports CNN. Chicago’s O’Hare has the most cancellations (650), but airports in Cleveland, New Jersey, and New York were catching up. New York City is still on track to get about 9 inches of snow tonight, but it’s the wind and low temperatures that might sting the most. The AP notes that the wind chill there tomorrow could be 15-below zero. In Boston, it might be worse on all fronts.  


8 thoughts on “2K Flights Canceled So Far

  1. Good. Excellent time to fire the TSA workers, and for consumers to begin boycotting the airlines.

    Put ’em all out of business by simply not giving them your money.

    1. Excellent Jolly R. now if only people would just do that. It would be like throwing a party and nobody came 😆 refering to the airports of course. 🙂 😎

    2. You are right, Jolly Roger. My family will not be flying
      again. Last time we took a trip it was a nightmare, as
      my husband has a hip replacement, and they treated him
      like a common criminal. He is 71 years old with heart

      I wanted to say something to the TSA agents so badly,
      but my dear husband asked me to just keep quiet, because
      who knows, they could arrest you for arguing with them.

      Some years ago when we returned to Orlando from a trip to
      London, and went through Customs in our own hometown,
      again, the Custom Agent in Orlando was rude and haughty.
      A nice “Welcome Home” we received that day.

      No more “Flying the Friendly Skies” for us!!!

      1. Hey 1611Believer. i don’t blame you one bit. i haven’t flown since they started this reprobate behavior, and do not intend to. by the way, how is it down there in Fla land? i have a streaming link to siesta key beach, but didn’t take the time to look today.

        1. Hello there, Paul! At this very moment
          we have the air conditioner running, was
          in the 80’s today. However, just watched
          the weather and we will have a very
          cold night tomorrow and Tuesday the
          highs will be in the 50’s.

          But you have to remember that in Florida
          it will be cold one day, then back to the
          80’s the next.

          Beats shoveling snow. Amen???

          1. amen to that 1611 Believer. we have 30 mph wind gust at this time, and predicted 15 below tonight, and predicted wind chill of 30 below. brrrrrrrrrr. Haven’t seen this kind of weather for about 20 years or so. hope the grid stays up. I don’t even want to think about that kind of situation. the next few days will be nasty. good to see you on the trenches again. i feel we are in the same boat, judging from your handle. 🙂

  2. Paul, sorry to hear your weather situation. At times like these we have to put our faith in the Lord above! Yes, we are in the same boat, the
    Old Ship of Zion!!!!!!!

    I watch the Trenches many times per day, just don’t always leave
    a comment. I am “wide awake” and trying my best to inform
    family and friends. But it is like witnessing to people about the
    Lord, some will believe, but most don’t want to hear it.

    Stay safe!!!!

    1. 1611 Believer your right about people not wanting to hear about it. i never dreamed things would get this bad in my lifetime. i am 70 in Feb. wish it weren’t so. be well. 🙂

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