2nd Amend groups worry Biden’s vaccine mandate will embolden him to take guns

BizPac Review – by Chris Donaldson

President Joe Biden’s stunning announcement that he would be weaponizing the federal government against businesses to force their employees to get vaccinated has already led to fears about how far that he is willing to go in his brazen assault on the constitutional rights of Americans.

Some feel that it is only a matter of time until he comes after the guns with the disarmament of law-abiding citizens being the holy grail for the political left as well as an impediment to turning the U.S. into Australia where the world’s most draconian COVID measures are being implemented by power-mad politicians.

A number of groups that support the Second Amendment are expressing concerns that Biden’s dictatorial style of governance could lead to a crackdown on gun ownership, a bedrock American right since the nation’s founding but after the president’s unprecedented address on Thursday, one that could be in serious jeopardy.

John R. Lott who is president of the Crime Prevention Research Center told Fox News, “If Biden is allowed to impose regulations without a vote by Congress simply because he decides it helps ‘public safety,’ there is no limit to what he can do.

“He could use this same reasoning to impose any gun control regulation that he wanted,” he said.

Never before in American history has a leader gone before the nation and announced that he would be using his powers to restrict freedoms but Biden went there when he said that the vaccine mandates were “not about freedom or personal choice,” a chilling statement from a man who has already demonstrated a flagrant disregard for constitutional and legal principles.

Biden also told those who remain unvaccinated that the government’s “patience is wearing thin,” a comment that could just as easily be applied to gun owners.

Nonprofit grassroots advocacy group The Firearms Policy Coalition is also concerned about the precedent set by Biden’s vaccine mandates.

“Joe Biden and his lawless administration do not respect or follow the Constitution, full stop,” the group said to Fox News. “Biden and his officers have already made clear that they intend to unlawfully and unconstitutionally target law-abiding American gun owners with actions that put millions at risk of serious criminal liability.”

“Biden isn’t concerned with ‘protecting those around you,’” a spokesman for Gun Owners Of America said to Fox News. “He wants your AR-15, your pistols, your ammunition, he wants it all.”

Yet another Second Amendment advocate, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Alan Gottlieb told Fox News, “I am very pro-vaccination.”

“But Biden’s federal vaccination mandate reminds gun owners that if he could get away with it would use his executive power to mandate as many restrictions on Second Amendment rights as he could. He has already said that gun ownership is a ‘public health’ problem.”

Biden referred to gun violence as a public health epidemic earlier this year, language that was echoed by his CDC Director Rochelle Walensky who last month sat down with CNN to discuss the agency’s plans to use its sweeping powers to go after the Second Amendment rights of Americans by designating gun violence as a public health crisis.

“I swore to the president and to this country that I would protect your health. This is clearly one of those moments, one of those issues that is harming America’s health,” Walensky said.

She added, “Something has to be done about this.”

Biden has effectively crossed the Rubicon with his vaccine mandate and will almost certainly come after the Second Amendment at some point by either using Walensky’s insistence that gun violence is a matter of public health that merits government action or through the use of the “public-private partnership” which has already stamped out free speech by using big tech monopolies to do the administration’s dirty work.

Supporters of the right to bear arms have good reason to be wary of the most radical regime in the nation’s history.
BizPac Review

16 thoughts on “2nd Amend groups worry Biden’s vaccine mandate will embolden him to take guns

  1. Well then, stop being law abiding gun owners and start using those guns that you are so concerned he may restrict. Being a supporter of the right to bear arms is totally different than actually using those guns. Bearing a gun without using it on the likes of this demented man is retarded! What do you have guns for if not to remove tyranny and it’s tyrants?!

    1. Touche.
      And for anybody to think Biden is capable of making a decision on any subject is laughable.
      This country is being run by communist committees from the Silicon Valley to Seattle, Washington to the so called Squad.
      2nd Amendment armed groups worried? I guess if they take their guns away from them, they’ll have to start polishing shoes as they have become addicted to the idea of shining.

    1. BIDEN DECIDES TO TAKE A SOIL after he soils his shorts… go back!!! still in his wheelchair…. Hes in a humanitarium home for the elderly… NON PRESIDENT come take my guns son of awarlock Mfer.

  2. I’m pretty sure that they will only have to be concerned with the non vaccinated guns. Between the registry of sheep (all who got the death jab now registered sheep) and the illegal gun registry they know who we are. The proper 5G signal will likely immobilize or kill the vaxed. At this point they know confiscation just won’t work which is why they are poisoning us.


  3. No need to use a bomb. against Americans!! just chem them to death!!! they cant stop it… BS WE WILL STOP YOU CKsuckers….

  4. Please. Take a deep breath. Think about who is the real enemy destroying this country. Using a Demented old man as cover.
    Psychopathic organized criminal Traitors.
    We know who they are. We can never win if we can’t broadcast who they are.
    The Jews.

    1. From one of their own:

      “We who have posed as the saviors of the world; we who have even boasted of having given it ‘THE’ Savior; we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners… I look at this world, and I shudder at its ghastliness; I shudder all the more as I know the spiritual authors of all this ghastliness.”
      — Oscar Levy, 1920


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