3 dead after shooting near university campus, Baltimore police say

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At least three people were killed and another wounded in a shooting near the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus Tuesday, Baltimore police say.

Detective Rashawn K. Strong said in a statement early Wednesday that officers responded to a report of a shooting just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday night at a location a few blocks from the college.  

Strong said officers found a woman and two men with gunshot wounds. One man and the woman were taken to a hospital, where they died. The second man was pronounced dead at the scene.

A fourth victim walked into a hospital seeking treatment for a gunshot wound. Strong says the woman is listed in stable condition.

The school said in a statement that campus police reported two gunmen, each in a van, pulled over near a group of people, got out and began firing, striking the four individuals.

Students were advised to use caution in the area.

The Associated Press contributed to this report


4 thoughts on “3 dead after shooting near university campus, Baltimore police say

    1. Notice, Big Dan, that it is being presented as a campus shooting, but is in fact “a few blocks” from the campus, and nowhere in the propaganda does it state the shooters/shootees were students or faculty.

      This is agitprop – designed to reinforce the image of college campuses as shooting galleries that parents should not send their pupae to until we get rid of those evil guns.

      If the proximity to the college was left out, the headline, if there was one, would have read: “Three killed, one wounded in drive-by shooting in Baltimore”.

      And they all said: Ho hum….

  1. Probably a gang of wetbacks in a stolen van shooting Americans just for kicks. They’re “too many to jail”, and they know it, so it’s open season on the gringos.

    That’s why they’re here. In the words of the “La Raza” spokesman who visits the White House: “We’re here to kill all the gringos and take this land back for Mexico”….. which is an open declaration of war, if you ask me.

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