3 Polk County deputies arrested for evidence tampering

Mar 22, 2021
The Polk County Sheriff’s Office says three deputies are facing charges for evidence tampering in relation to a December arrest.

3 thoughts on “3 Polk County deputies arrested for evidence tampering

  1. “carrying large amounts in small bills”

    Many of us do that, and we arent drug dealers. This is the excuse they use to confiscate your money?

    These fkrs can kiss my ass…Many of us live in our trucks, this is our home…All of us get advances every week, big ones, we save them.

    These fkrs are goddamn thieves man..This is why I never let them in my truck, get a warrant MTHRFKR…

  2. This guy exhibits honesty and demands honesty within the department, yet their entire existence is dishonest in that they work for the fraud corporation enforcing the fraudulent policies of that corporation.
    He says we have to be honest if we’re going to police the people. FU!
    And how’s about all that forfeiting of the people’s assets as they travel their roads? Is that honest!? And the woman that was the victim of this evidence tampering refused the search when the pig asked, so he got his drug sniffer canine and found pot & some other drug. So after all buddy, you want to be honest and transparent to the community, you best remove yourself from piggy job for violating daily our Bill of Rights. Probable cause does NOT mean you get to search and seize right on the spot! You are to get a warrant per the 4th Article to the Bill of Rights.
    Side note- The other day I was in a restaurant, there were 3 deputies in there, and some random customer paid their bill. He says he always pays for police when he see’s them eating. What an idiot!!!!!!!!!! Oh he’s so patriotic, he thinks.

    1. Yeah Katie, another bullshit artist trying to justify his bullshit position as head of the corporate clowns of tyranny . A kiss ass if I ever saw one.

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