30 Boeing Attack Helicopters Heading to South Korea

The Motley Fool – by Katie Spence

By now you’ve probably heard the news; The Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency thinks “with moderate confidence” that North Korea has developed a nuclear weapon capable of being delivered on a ballistic missile. Good news, though: The DIA thinks such a weapon would have “low reliability.”   

If you’re like me, “low reliability” doesn’t exactly elicit feelings of confidence. I mean, how accurate do you need to be to do damage with a nuke? Apparently, South Korea feels the same, as it intends to spend $1.6 billion to purchase attack helicopters from Boeing (NYSE:BA  ) equivalent to 30 helicopters at an estimated $52 million base price. South Korea also wants to purchase 60 fighter jets, all for the express purpose of countering North Korea’s threats. Obviously, this is good news for defense contractors, and their investors.


2 thoughts on “30 Boeing Attack Helicopters Heading to South Korea

  1. “If you’re like me, “low reliability” doesn’t exactly elicit feelings of confidence.”

    How about the level of reliability regarding your sources of information? If you think this nonsensical melodrama over North Korean nukes is anything other than propaganda designed to garner support for more military spending, and to scare the population into submission, you haven’t learned a thing from the cold war. (such a short time ago)

    They want you to believe you’re in danger so you’ll support them out of fear. (“we desperately NEED our government, because only they can save us from being nuked.”)

    Nonsense. Ask yourself what North Korea could possibly stand to gain by nuking us, if they actually could nuke us, which they can’t do anyway.

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