9 thoughts on “37 Great Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

      1. 🙂
        I think it was at the end of the video with the cute young lady.

        Also on your truck the other day….
        B I T C H E S…. 🙂
        S I L L Y B I T C H E S…. 🙂

  1. cool tool at 7 1/2 minute mark
    explain that salt and pepper shaker thing 🙂
    awesome …cooking chicken inside a watermelon!
    the corn to popcorn was neat…..I don’t have a microwave so I won’t be trying that one
    no wonder they call the egg incredible 🙂

        1. I’ve gone insane…… can’t you tell…..?
          Well , Here’s one for you……
          It’s a long one…
          if you watch it all the way through…..3+ hours.
          If you go to their subscribe site on youtube….
          They break it down by the hours in sections.
          I forced my two sons to watch it in 2011….
          They had to take a break….. at about an hour saying that their brains were hurting. I think they were 6 and 8.
          I have to watch it a few times off and on every few years just to keep absorbing its information.
          3 hour version…
          There’s shorter ones broken down by the hour…. on the you tube page.

          1. Thanks…I will watch for sure ….heading out to garage…have to move stuff out of the way …going to have delivery tomorrow so I can get it weatherized before next winter…wood stove in there….once I get it buttoned up will be able to keep it nice and toasty….may have to house people…don’t know…just preparing………preparation is the key to success

          2. ok flee I watched a bit over an hour so far….you are right….have to break it up in segments…that guy must have put in a gazillion hours of research into this

            still trying to figure out that salt and pepper shaker thing 🙂

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