4 Syrian soldiers injured in ‘Israeli aggression’ over Damascus, Syrian state media report


Flashes and explosions tore up the night sky over the Syrian capital of Damascus as air defenses intercepted the majority of incoming missiles, Syria’s SANA news agency reported, calling the reported attack “Israeli aggression.”

Four Syrian servicemen were injured in the attack, which also inflicted material losses, SANA reported. The missiles reportedly came in from the direction of Lebanon as well as the Golan Heights, a territory occupied by Israel since 1973.

There were reports of a “huge explosion” to the west of Damascus around 1am local time on Thursday.



Israel routinely launches airstrikes into Syria, saying it is targeting “Iranian” assets. Tehran has backed Damascus in the war against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists as well as Islamist militants backed by Turkey and the West that launched an insurrection against President Bashar Assad’s government in March 2011.

Thursday morning’s attack was the first since March 16, and the ninth since January, according to the Jerusalem Post. Israel has not officially commented on the strike.


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