5-Year-Old Wets His Pants After 2-Hour-Long Interrogation Over Toy Gun

cap-gunThe D.C. Clothesline – by Dean Garrison

Another story from the files of the outright insane…

Did you own a toy cap gun as a child? I did. Did you play “cops and robbers” when you were young? I did. What on earth is going on in our school system today? Apparently a child who brought a toy cap gun to school, to show his friends, was interrogated for two hours, treated like a real-life criminal, and his parents were only called after he wet his pants according to the Washington Post. His normal “show and tell” action ended in him being suspended for 10 days. If the cap gun were loaded, the school principal allegedly claims, the police would have been called. According to Donna St. George:  

In Calvert County, the trouble began Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. on a 10-minute bus ride to school.

According to the family, the boy’s friend had brought a water gun on the bus a day earlier. On Wednesday, unbeknown to his parents, the boy stowed his cap gun — from Frontier Town near Ocean City — inside his backpack as he left for school.

He told his mother after the incident that he had “really, really” wanted to show his friend.

The mother was called by the principal at 10:50 a.m. and was told that her son had the cap gun and pretended to shoot someone on the bus. She said that both the kindergartner and his first-grade sister, sitting nearby on the bus, disputed that account.

The mother said the principal told her that if the cap gun had been loaded with caps, it would have been deemed an explosive and police would have been called in.

The child’s disciplinary referral said he was being suspended for possession of a look-alike gun.

(Emphasis Added)

Are you kidding me? Really? Had the gun been loaded with caps the police would have been called in? These stories never cease to amaze me. About 3 weeks ago I wrote a similar story about a child who was suspended from school for using a pencil as a make believe gun. Yes America, this is what things have come to.

This 5-year-old little boy may be already be scarred for life after a two-hour long, police-style investigation. Thank goodness the cap gun was not loaded or he might be doing hard time.

Do not be mistaken my friends. This IS part of the left-wing agenda. This IS what our education system is becoming and I for one and outraged. What about you?

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8 Responses to 5-Year-Old Wets His Pants After 2-Hour-Long Interrogation Over Toy Gun

  1. RT Hawk says:

    Awe…….. I feel so sorry for this boy, it’s ridiculous!
    I had cap guns, water guns and BB-Guns….when I ran out of BB’s I’d stick it in the ground and shoot dirt, ah..memories….. 🙂
    SO Glad my kids are grown!

  2. Scott says:

    We all had cap guns. My God…our country is going insane right before our eyes. If I were the parents I’d homeschool that boy. He’s just learned all he needs to know about public education. If it were my son…well…if it were my son I probably wouldn’t be out yet to write this. But then, the idiot overreacting principal probably wouldn’t be available for comment either. “Nuff said.

  3. BentSpear says:

    When the SHTF & it will, I’ll bet that so called principal will be doing more than pissin’ his panties!

  4. Jolly Roger says:

    What the hell is wrong with these people? The school officials are as bad as the cops, but their victims are younger. Every week you hear about another kid being tortured by these sick control freaks.

    “the principal told her that if the cap gun had been loaded with caps, it would have been deemed an explosive and police would have been called in.”

    The principal is an idiot, as would be any cop who answered the call.

    • Susan Barrett aka GrinNBarrett says:

      We are in a police state and all that deal with the public on any level have been trained to be this way. It is an AGENDA and planned out to the letter. Why do you think they do what they do at airports? Security? My ass. They want us all dead they dont care about security it is to keep you in your place and remind you daily you are a slave and put up or shut up. When the people wake up watch out.

  5. Millard says:

    People have to come to the realization that insurgents have taken over the highest levels of our government and their goal is exterminate us all. “Step over to the edge of that ditch, I’ll be with you in a moment .”

  6. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    This is just too pitiful for words.

  7. flek says:

    This crap makes my blood boil.
    America is a negative reflection of what she once was.
    Things are descending into a cold darkness of the black abyss.
    The left and right are flavors of control. Each represent control freaks in
    the extreme of their own ideologies. Government is force, the destroyer.
    I know this kid knows this now. A hard lesson to be sure.

    We are headed for something like this:

    The khazars are going for end-game.


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