$50K reward offered for tips on trooper’s slaying


BLOOMING GROVE, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania state trooper who was injured when a gunman ambushed him and killed a colleague outside a police barracks is conscious and talking for the first time.

State police spokesman Trooper Tom Kelly says investigators hope to soon interview Trooper Alex Douglass to get additional information on the shooting. The attack Friday night killed Cpl. Bryon Dickson of Dunmore, a married father of two.  

Kelly said in an emailed statement Sunday that police are getting a large number of tips, and some are “fantastic.” He says they are keeping details of the investigation quiet to preserve the integrity of the leads.


9 thoughts on “$50K reward offered for tips on trooper’s slaying

  1. Just thinking of the good old days. When the police would not need offer a reward to get people to talk to them. Today $50,000 will not even cover your hospital bill after speaking to one. So they should up the reward to over a million. To cover risk the citizen need take to talk to one today.

  2. “Kelly said in an emailed statement Sunday that police are getting a large number of tips, and some are “fantastic.”

    I’ve got a “fantastic” tip for you…

    …buy more life insurance.

  3. $50,000 for information on the slaying of a police officer, yet when it’s an American national, you don’t hear a peep anywhere about a reward. I see how it is.

    Just like in the Medieval days and the Wild West, so as it is today. A reward for slaying the crooked king’s men or the crooked sheriff’s men. Some things never change. He who controls the money, makes the rules. Makes me sick that after centuries upon centuries, we as a people still have not changed one bit.

  4. Wonder what they did to someone that caused this to happen? I’m assuming it’s payback for something in the past. In fact, I’d bet on it.

  5. all across the country there’s reward money set aside for unsolved crimes and know one ever calls that tip number
    and you know why because know one trusts the police

  6. Here’s my tip: Motive, means, and opportunity, right? Well, there are these people who have lots of motive, because they hate and mistrust the police. There are probably about 100 million of them, from all walks of life and located throughout the country. Now, if you were to just start rounding up, waterboarding, and interrogating them, I bet you could find someone to confess pretty quickly! The added advantage to that is that the other 200 million people in the country will continue to think that you really aren’t mentally- and morally-challenged and that you really know what you are doing. But, shhhh…your secret’s safe with me.

    I’ll take my $50k in bitcoins, thanks.

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