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50’s & 60’s Toy Gun Commercials

Published on Apr 21, 2017

Can you imagine if kids had toys like this now. I have a feeling these kids would be shot by cops if they were playing with these today.

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  1. galen says:

    Today, a kid behaving like this would be arrested and deemed a terrorists. These clips made me realize how much has been lost, or rather, stolen. They are literally attempting to beat the soul of natural instinct out of every person and to replace it with some stifled, creepy go-along.

    I think these commercials should be shown far and wide as a reminder of when boys were boys and were even encouraged to be boys. Also as a reminder that empowering ourselves against any enemy must be taught from a very early age.

    Nothing new to Trenchers, but this tampering with our humanness keeps storming forward making deviation the norm. We do what we can in our own lives to make our children strong and self-determined, then communism comes in and undermines those efforts. Fight we must.


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