5G Embargo: People Should Ban All Commercial Activity that Advances the 5G Grid

No 5G

It is time to step up our efforts and move on, to a 5G embargo – globally.

Clearly the 5G grid, that is being built right now, is the power structure’s Achilles heel (kind of like the Death Star being under construction). Without it there’s no full-spectrum control grid in place, without it the world remains human intelligence-based, without it sovereign communities and people individually can stay in control of their rights. 

What most people don’t seem to understand is that 5G is so much more than telecom and mobile internet. 5G is a battlefield where governments try to destroy each other’s economies, the clear western alliance against China is proof of that.

5G is about implementing a global control grid that is supposed to enable those behind the curtains, shadow governments, to track every single individual 24/7, for no justifiable reason at all.

5G is about entering a post-modern era where people will be much easier controlled and their minds much easier conditioned and reprogrammed. Why else would they push the false narrative about a need for augmented realities? Why else would national governments not want to admit the health implications of 5G? Why else would governments not step forward and defend people’s rights to privacy and self-determination? Why else is Qualcomm already rolling out 2nd generation 5G technology while 1st generation 5G is not even implemented?

The window available is in our favor. 5G is being rolled out right now but it will take at least another 6 years until we can speak of an actual 5G grid around the world. Most of the satellites still have to be put in orbit and almost none of the cells, that are part of the 5G backbone, have been installed around the world.

For now, and for the next 2 to 3 years, the odds are against them, against the shadow governments who seek full-spectrum dominance. Against the multinational corporations that OWN all of our elected governments.

This is why people must now take up their role in a global 5G embargo. Together we can ban commercial activity that advances the 5G grid.

Don’t buy any of the 5G gadgets that they are already advertising and that they will advertise by the end of this year. Forget about purchasing next year’s 5G-ready devices.

Drive cars that work with actual car keys, not electronic key fobs. If that means that you need to buy a second-hand car, well, your freedom always comes at a price.

Boycott SpaceX, OneWeb, Boeing and any other corporations that are involved in the launch of 5G satellites.

Boycott Facebook because they don’t allow the sharing of information that is extremely critical of 5G.

Force your government to reveal its knowledge about the dangers of 5G infrastructure.

Educate the children about the dangers of 5G and teach them how to properly use mobile devices that are already a health hazard (like their mobile phone and that tablet that you let your children use to play online games).

Display posters on your house’s windows to alert your neighbors about the real 5G grid that they are building.

Organize local discussion groups to exchange information with others from your area.

Inform the telecom workers who install the 5G grid near you about what they are doing is wrong and also hurts them and their children. Those who install and repair 5G infrastructure are exposed to the radiation even more than the rest of us. Don’t attack those folks, they are simply not aware of the truth. Their employers obviously haven’t shared the facts with them.

Don’t use (“free”) WiFi in public spaces, don’t let them track you and profile you that easily.

Educate your local Councils about 5G, the real 5G. Also they are mostly oblivious to the facts.

Challenge your elected officials in national government to debate the real 5G and send them home in the next election when they refuse to defend your rights and health. Many, or most, politicians in national governments are paid royally by 5G lobbyists so you’ll have to uncover these money transfers together with your fellow concerned citizens, wherever you live.

This is THE pivotal moment for mankind, this is where we can and MUST come together. This is everyone’s fight, this is everyone’s concern.

Set aside your racial and religious differences because this 5G fight is much bigger and far more important and it will determine society’s future.

Losing this battle will result in a full-blown prison planet that no one is going to escape and the window is slowly but surely closing.

Winning this battle will put the people back in control of their governments and their self-determination – YOUR self-determination!

Winning this battle means that we, the people, are the powers that be. It’s as simple as that.

Time for playing is over folks, it’s time for action. No one can afford to wait a day longer. This is it, this is what all of the “fake news” and propaganda has been leading to.

The line in the sand is right here. Use this opportunity, use it wisely, because the next one may not come along for another 100 years.

Folks, you want “change”… Right? How badly do you want it?


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