5G Summit: Awareness and Accountability

Green Med Info Newsletter – by Sayer Ji

I created GreenMedInfo.com over 10 years ago to raise awareness about the most pressing health challenges of our times, and ways to solve them. Because of this advocacy, I’ve experienced both a lot of support and push back, especially on topics related to your basic human right to informed consent, with vaccination being the biggest powder keg, and your right to use natural alternatives to drug-based medicine a close second.

But I’m here to tell you there is an even more ominous issue threatening to strip your health rights and compromise your bodily integrity, and which is being rolled out all around the world — and even in space — without your consent and with ZERO evidence proving it safe.

What is it? 5G. Don’t believe the marketing hype. It’s not just about faster connection and video streaming speeds. And is it not just a radiation risk to your health, as it can be used as a surveillance system and as a directed energy weapon.

Sound like science fiction or ‘conspiracy theory’? Sadly, it’s not make believe, and if the powers that be have their way, it will soon be found on every block of every neighborhood in this country, with many more countries around the globe soon to follow.

This is alarming situation is why I teamed up with my friend and colleague Josh Del Sol, the tireless activist and documentary filmmaker behind Take Back Your Power, to co-create the 5G Summit: Awareness and Accountability. In less than a month, Josh interviewed over three dozen of the world’s experts on the topic – because time was of the essence, and we needed to get the information out NOW while we still have a chance. 

Together, we have produced an extremely empowering event, focusing not just on the harrowing magnitude of the problem, but what you and I can do to take concrete steps, both in our homes, and communities, to prevent this unprecedented roll out from moving forward unchallenged. We have also gathered the information you need to mitigate and/or neutralize the dangers and harms that are already present associated with all forms of EMF we are daily exposed to.

Join us here to save your spot, and please share this with friends, family and colleagues, because it’s only through grassroots, word-of-mouth activism, that together we can and will make a hugely positive impact!

Kind regards,
Sayer Ji, Founder of GreenMedInfo.com
Co-producer of 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability



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  1. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “What is it? 5G. Don’t believe the marketing hype. It’s not just about faster connection and video streaming speeds. And is it not just a radiation risk to your health, as it can be used as a surveillance system and as a directed energy weapon.”

    “1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

    Any questions?

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