6-12-12: Tuesday’s Topics for The Word From the Trenches

Through surfacing evidence of the $32 trillion theft,  we can now see how our wealth has been taken as socialist tyranny is injected at the local levels – sidewalk chalk, fines for swearing, limits on cup sizes, no online privacy, seat belts for cats and dog.

Indiana legalizes the shooting of cops—The implications will be discussed on The Word from the Trenches at 12:00 pm Pacific time, 3:00 pm Eastern time, right here on From the Trenches World Report.

2 thoughts on “6-12-12: Tuesday’s Topics for The Word From the Trenches

  1. The Indiana Law, properly allowing for individual defense against illegal home invasion does NOT allow for the “shooting of cops”!

    Please do not mischaracterize the nature or intent of the law in this way, as liberals, traitors and Ministry-Of-Propaganda will use such language to undermine the Constitutional Right of ALL Americans to be secure in their homes and possessions as specifically granted and protected by the US Constitution.

    The Indiana law ONLY allows an individual to PROTECT themselves and their home from ILLEGAL home invasion.

    Whether that is done by a thief or cop (many times one-in-the-same), is irrelevant.

    When cops realize they can be held accountable for their criminal and aggregious conduct (such as getting shot for illegally breaking into someones home),.. you WILL see a marked decline in such criminal conduct by the people who DO know better than to have done it in the first place.)

    Shooting good cops is a no – no.

    Shooting bad cops is matter of self-defense and self-presevation,… nothing more.

    This law is a good start, but still woefully short of ever being able to fix this broken and despotic gov’t which is now pure tyranny in disquise.

    JD – US Marines – Fighting to save what is left of America.

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