6 Things You Won’t Believe That Are In The Fiscal Cliff Bill That The Senate Passed At 2 AM While Most Americans Were Drunk

Business Insider – by Joe Weisenthal

Last night just before 2 AM, the Senate overwhelmingly agreed to pass a bill that will avert the Fiscal Cliff.

The bill is pretty straightforward. Income tax rates will only rise on those making over $400K (liberals wanted $250K, GOP wanted no taxes to rise). Spending cuts will be delayed for 2 months to give the sides more time to address them.

So why is the bill 157-pages long?

Because when Washington does business and passes a huge bill, there are all kinds of little other pre-existing tax things most Americans have never heard of, but which needed to be extended, that also get into the bill. It’s just how it works.

1. There’s a provision extending a tax policy related to Puerto Rican rum.


2. And a tax credit for 2- and 3-wheel electric vehicles.


3. Something having to do with Diesel Fuel:


4. An extension of some special rules for the film and television business.


5. A gift to the car-racing world.


6. Help to asparagus farmers.


Some might think this is nefarious — that politicians see a huge bill and then sneak in all these random things.

The reality is more like these have been around for a while, and every time a big bill comes up about taxes expiring, they get extended too.

For the full text of the bill, see here >

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/whats-in-the-fiscal-cliff-bill-2013-1#ixzz2GmLNJ8iV


3 thoughts on “6 Things You Won’t Believe That Are In The Fiscal Cliff Bill That The Senate Passed At 2 AM While Most Americans Were Drunk

  1. Yep, typical lobbiest bullshit. When the politicians are ready to pass a big bill, the lobbiest suddenly come by and say, “Hey, while you’re at it, how about squeezing this rule and regulation in and don’t forget this little one here that gives me a few hundred dollars more each year and takes it away from the taxpayer as well. Nothing big, though. Thanks. Gotta run! Remember who put you in office!”.

    Absolutely disgusting. What the hell does Puerto Rican rum have ANYTHING to do with our spending problem? NOTHING! Just more lobbiest bullshit! The Puerto Ricans, like the Mexicans, need to stay the F**K out of our country and out of our government policies.

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