65.4 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush’s First-Term Total

CNS News – by Gregory Gwyn-Williams, Jr.

There have been 65,376,373 background checks completed for Americans purchasing firearms since February of 2009, the first full month of Barack Obama’s presidency.

According to data compiled by the FBI, the number of Americans purchasing guns has skyrocketed since Obama was elected.

In 2009, there were 13,984,953 background checks for Americans buying firearms.  If we subtract the 1,212,860 checks completed in the month of January, the total checks for the year under Obama were 12,772,090.

For 2010, background checks totaled 14,320,489.  In 2011, checks were 16,336,732, and in 2012, 19,463,832.  Background checks for the month of January 2013 were 2,483,230.

This totals 65,376,373 background checks completed since President Obama’s first full month in office, or 44,748 background checks per day!

By comparison, the number of background checks in Obama’s first term is 91.1% higher than President George W. Bush’s first-term total of 34,214,066.


3 thoughts on “65.4 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office, 91% More Than Bush’s First-Term Total

  1. This is misleading as there were 65million “backgroud checks” what if each purchased 3 guns thats 195million or just 2 thats 130 million these whores wish it was only 65 million thats on the low end and doesnt even count the 300 million already cleaned and sited in .Talk about “their heads buried in the sand” these gubberment pukes are in some kind of domination fantasy matrix and have apparently no grasp whatsoever of the fate that is waiting each and every traitor to america.

  2. If there was anything left to buy they probably would have sold another 20 million.
    The dealers I’ve spoken to all say they turn away a lot more customers than they sell to because of lack of stock. Also the California DOJ has stopped or greatly slowed down sending dealers Handgun Safety Certificates (another bad joke), apparently in the effort to deprive citizens of their Constitutional rights.

  3. Even if this is a lowball figure, it STILL ranks Obummer as the # 1 top gun salesman of all time.

    And that being the exact OPPOSITE of what he had intended!



    NOW try and take them BACK!!!

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