666 new Texas laws go into effect Sept. 1. Here are some that might affect you.

Texas Tribune

Texas Tribune

8 thoughts on “666 new Texas laws go into effect Sept. 1. Here are some that might affect you.

      1. Sums it up. Just can’t believe I’m here for such times when Satan is no longer in the shadows, but struttin’ out in the open harming and poisoning everything. Maybe it is the fighters who are the real chosen, who want to take down the evil once and for all.

        And I can’t stop thinking about those “items” left-behind in Afghanistan. They’re probably worth about $666 Billion. War toys. For where? At what moment? False flag on the anniversary of The Great Big False Flag?

        How hollow it all is. Empty, cruel, soulless, ugly. Sometimes the whole damn thing hurts, like a stab in the brain. We take our escapes but the dark keeps getting darker. The light only moves in when the decision is resolutely made to be on the front-lines facing it down.


  1. 666, eh? Cute…. but you could have made it 667 by removing the crapola about folks having to sign a loyalty oath to Israel to get paid out home-owners insurance if we have another Harvey. But that’s okay Abbott and Costello if you are too cowardly to stand up to the Syn of Sat…actually, it’s NOT OKAY! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  2. Isnt that special… triple sixes.. thats a nice little tidy number now isnt it.. How did we come up with that number??… Satan!! Church lady…

  3. Wow! So Satan is taking over Texas now using new forms of legality. So in that case, I guess this means, “the Devil is in the details”.

    Here’s one, fining and punishing the homeless people. Only the Devil would do such a thing.

    “Criminalizing homeless camping: HB 1925 makes camping in unapproved public places a misdemeanor crime that carries a fine of up to $500. Cities cannot opt out of the ban.”

    I wonder how they think the homeless will be able to pay a $500 fine if they have no money, no home and hardly any food. Will they give their right eye?

  4. So your saying 666 new unlawful laws will be in place almost immediately….. Keep feeding the fire assh*les..!! I haved lived long enough to kick your sorry ass!! In fact my family is depending on me.

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