7-7-2019; Giant Rectangular Imprint On East Pacific Weather System; Large Quakes Shake CA

Published on Jul 7, 2019

(Sun.) Two large quakes shook CA over the 4th and 5th of July. The first quake centered in Searles Valley was upgraded to 6.5 and the second was a 7.1 magnitude centered near Ridgecrest, CA. This second quake was much stronger and shook the ground here in the Foothills for about 20 seconds – roughly the same amount of time the first quake shook. Both were rollers; no violent shaking but a fair amount of horizontal displacement. I was outside during the second quake and the trees were all shaking in unison – an interesting sight. Watch the YouTube channel: “Dutchsinse”; this fellow is very good at what he does and can forecast earthquakes with astonishing accuracy! Dutchsinse forecasted the second 7.1 quake and is forecasting another larger Southern CA quake by the 11th unless some pressure is relieved to the East near TX and OK in the form of earthquakes. I have learned quite a lot from his channel and I recommend everyone check it out. The snobs at Caltech should sit down and listen, they would learn a lot.

Tonight’s satellite loops reveal a giant rectangular imprint in the middle of a weather system approaching the U.S. West coast. This rectangular imprint is not being caused by CO2 emissions or cow farts, as the notoriously incompetent California legislature would have everyone believe. This rectangular imprint is being generated by a satellite transmitter beaming microwave RF into the center / vortex of this weather system. Once again, notice how the system’s moisture has been cut off by the high pressure installed in the vortex – effectively blockading the vortex. This high pressure located dead-center in the middle of a low pressure system is why we see an occluded front indicated in the Surface Analysis Map. We should NEVER SEE a warm front overtaking cold air in the middle of a low pressure system UNLESS there is nefarious weather manipulation occurring – which there is based on the evidence in these maps. What we are seeing is evidence of covert, man-made weather manipulation, and the mainstream Fake News media says nothing! They remain silent to prevent their CO2 / global warming narrative from going up in smoke, as viewers would quickly connect the dots given the chance to look at these NOAA satellite maps! Of course this is precisely the reason the mainstream media does not show these satellite maps to their viewers!

Hurricane Barbara meanwhile was targeted with microwave RF and squashed out; we can see the remnants of Barbara’s watervapor streaming through Baja CA. On the 3rd we had heavy chemtrail spraying in Southern CA as this hurricane’s moisture streamed through. We should have had precipitation that day but the specially equipped jets spraying the chemtrail aerosols prevented the precipitation process.

Last, pay no attention to the subscriber count on this channel. Google / YouTube has frozen it. That count has remained at around 8,623 for weeks! The view counts are also meaningless. The view count is typically frozen for many hours at a time after a video is uploaded. We are now getting less views per video on this channel than when we had HALF the subscriber base. Currently we are seeing less than 10% of the viewers watching the videos according to Google. We suspect the view counts are 50-100 times what is being displayed by Google. The good news is we are getting the attention of the people that are facilitating the massive cover-up of this weather manipulation operation. Hopefully President Trump and the Executive branch have taken notice of these videos and are making plans to stop the illegal, covert manipulation of the weather and the domestic terror it creates. There is a reason the fake news media only shows cartoon animated weather maps to their viewers.

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