7/21/2013 — HOAX “HAARP is shutdown” story being repeated across Media

Published on Jul 21, 2013 by dutchsinse

UPDATE july 24, 2013 :

Dr. Nick Begich sets the record stratight.. the ARRL article is not correct. HAARP is not abandoned or “shut down”.


full blog post here :


Info on HAARP, RADAR, and Weather Modification here:



ANOTHER false “HAARP closed” story has resurfaced.

July 15, 2013 — the ARRL (amateur radio site) put out an article saying HAARP has closed due to “budget” and “clean air act / diesel generators.

Here is the false story from the ARRL :


Notice, the above article is written by an anonymous person (no name listed).

The false ARRL article also claims that HAARP shut down in May !

Where have we heard that before? Someone else actually started THAT false story back on May 8, 2013 — the false story was started by Suspicious0bservers — whole story on that here:


So, we have the ARRL article referencing the original bogus report by Suspicious0bservers from May, making up BS about Diesel Generators / Clean Air Act, saying that the base is ABANDONED (lol @ that)… saying there is no money as well.

There are, FOR SURE, budgets extending to the end of 2014 .. from the US Airforce, and DARPA as well. Disproving the ARRL articles claims about money.

budgets here:


There is only ONE diesel generator at the HAARP facility (not several as the ARRL article falsely claims). The single large diesel generator is inside the building, and for sure meets all air standards. Proving again, the ARRL article false.

Diesel Generator info here:


To add insult to injury, this bogus ARRL article was then picked up by TheWeatherSpace, who added the “private contractor” portion of the lie to the whole mess , saying HAARP is not closed, but sold off :


Then finally, to seal the deal on a giant cluster of a situation, we saw Coast to Coast AM / Nick Begich REPEAT the false story, and the WeatherSpace additional bunk about private contractors :


Summed up… Coast to Coast / Nick Begich repeated a combination of the false story by the ARRL mixed with a bit of the other false story from theweatherspace / kevin martin, which was itself a regurgitated version of the ORIGINAL false suspicious0bservers story.

In reality, HAARP is still active, and the only thing turned off is the website.

2 thoughts on “7/21/2013 — HOAX “HAARP is shutdown” story being repeated across Media

  1. As if I needed someone to tell me this was a hoax. As I said before when they claimed the Alaskan HAARP facility was shutdown, it may look shutdown or they may claim that it is closed on the outside, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t running things underground on the inside. You’d have to be completely dumb and naive to think that by now.

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