79-year-old charged after police find pounds of pot, $130K in home

cherenWSBTV 2 News – by Ryan Young

ATLANTA — Atlanta police said they arrested a 79-year-old woman accused of selling marijuana.

Norma Cheren may look like someone’s grandmother with her glasses and silver hair, but investigators said they were surprised when they found nine pounds of marijuana and $130,000 in cash in her home.

Cheren was in a Fulton County courtroom Monday facing drug charges. The 79-year-old appeared before a judge wearing a Fulton County jumpsuit.

When the judge asked her a few questions she replied that she was nervous.

APD’s narcotics team raided her house on Vickers Street in southeast Atlanta on Thursday after detectives said they caught her trying to sell marijuana near the Cheesecake Factory in Buckhead.

One of her neighbors told Channel 2’s Ryan Young they couldn’t believe Cheren was arrested.

“I’m shocked, I’m totally shocked. I would have never expected it,” the neighbor said. “Little old lady, she lives by herself, always see her coming in, coming out. Thought she was going to work.”

Young obtained photos of what police confiscated inside Cheren’s home. One photo shows cash lining old-style lunch boxes.

Police said they found a total of about $130,000 along with about nine pounds of the drug.

Her neighbors told Young they thought visitors to the home were just taking care of Cheren.


10 thoughts on “79-year-old charged after police find pounds of pot, $130K in home

  1. The women was just trying to make money to cover her SS check and put food on the table. The durg laws are SOOOOO stupid. But remember that every time local Gestapo make a drug arrest, they get a lot of money from the feds.

    1. Actually Richard you are 100% correct, senior citizens across the country are being arrested for the same thing ,selling pot…none so far that i have found have been selling harmful drugs(not like your local pharmacy anyway) all seem to be doing this to make ends meat.
      *counts fingers and toes* wow gotta get my calculator out to post here 😉

  2. AHhhh,…

    The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America afterall…..

    Nothing cuter than giong to your local grandmother to get nickel bag.

    I’m guessing the Feds were pissed that she didn’t pay taxes on this,.. not the fact she was selling it.

    JD – US Marines – You gotta love the work ethic of the old people.

    1. You can bet that 9 lb.s of pot will be given to one of their undercover narc people to sell to people on the street, and don`t ya know that all of that 130K will be put into their law enforcement fund I am sure. Heck JD, I know that around here in Wi. that if you have a drug house that they will confiscate your house and all of your property.

    2. JD, you took the words right off my fingers.
      They weren’t making anything, no bribes or anything, and arrested her.
      I truly believe that this is the case is 90% of cases of marijuana.

      The catch-22 to that is…if it’s legal, THEY get that $130k, plus tax. And they are too crooked in the drug trade to do it.

      ~Blessed Be to all~

  3. wait for the details to come out in court….. I’m willing to bet that someone else was storing pot and cash at her house because she’s deaf as a post and never even knew it was going on.

    Think about it… How would she acquire the connections needed to distribute that much pot? Anyone who would sell her 9 pounds of pot would be more likely to just her on the head and take her money.

    I don’t think 79 year-old ladies fare too well in the drug business.

  4. You’d be surprised. The older people are getting their hearts ripped-out from all the corruption going on, tired of fighting so hard to make ends meet, while watching these young thugs kill everyone with their pills and hard drugs, while riding around in new ‘whips’.

    Not to mention all the medicinal things that marijuana can alleviate, especially in older people.
    And, if I’m anywhere NEAR 79 years old, I’m not really going to give a fk about the consequences for marijuana.
    Although 9 lbs. is a little much to be having, and I’m sure there IS another story to that…but all-in-all, she probably just knew the right people at the right time.
    And I bet she doesn’t rip people off!!!

    During my ‘stupid’ days, I sold anywhere from 10-17 lbs of MJ every week in the Baltimore area. I was one of the smaller dealers, because I didn’t want all that overhead.( I say stupid, because of the other stuff I was being peer-pressured to get into..not because I sold weed)
    It’s not inconceivable this lady has the resources.(she OBVIOUSLY knows SOMEONE)
    Of course, that was back in the Maui-wowie, and purple sense and Columbian gold days.

    Damn…..now I need to go hear some Creedence and some Hank Sr…LOL

    ~Blessed Be to all~

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