8 civilians, incl. 3 kids, killed in US-led strikes on Syria – monitor


Eight civilians, three of them children, have been killed in the US-led air strikes on Al-Qaeda Nusra front positions, Reuters reported, citing Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.  

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ISIS-controlled places (Google Maps)

ISIS-controlled places (Google Maps)

Washington carried a series of airstrikes on the city of Raqqa in the early hours of Tuesday. At least 30 militants died in the strikes, which were carried out on IS positions in Syria. Washington informed Damascus about the operation, according to a representative of Syrian Foreign Ministry.

“There is an exodus out of Raqqa as we speak. It started in the early hours of the day after the strikes. People are fleeing towards the countryside,” one local resident told Reuters.

The strikes targeted residential buildings in Aleppo allegedly used by Al-Nusra Front, according to Rami Abdulrahman, who runs the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The US-led coalition’s targets also included training camps, headquarters and weapon supplies in northern and eastern Syria, with many IS locations “destroyed or damaged” around the cities of Raqqa, Deir al-Zor, Hasakah and the border town of Albu Kamal, Reuters reported.

In particular, “[Islamic State] fighters, training compounds, headquarters and command and control facilities, storage facilities, a finance center, supply trucks and armed vehicles” were hit.

Raqqa (Al-Raqqa) is a city with a population of over 200,000 people, and is strategically located just 40km east of the largest Syrian dam. Raqqa is believed to be the IS headquarters.


One thought on “8 civilians, incl. 3 kids, killed in US-led strikes on Syria – monitor

  1. So what?

    Millions of Americans are being sprayed with toxic chemicals released by airplanes, the border has been left wide open to rapists and killers invited here by Obama, and anything of value is being shipped out of this country A.S.A.P.

    Why should I care about 8 civilians (including 3 kids) being killed in Syria? Yes, we are ultimately responsible for the murders and war crimes committed by our government, but we don’t have a government right now, because ALL of the politicians holding office in America today have reneged on their contract with the American people, and most were illegally installed. We’re therefore NOT responsible for what our government does abroad.

    Our criminal government is killing more people right here at home, every day.

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