8 Killed, Several Injured in Stampede at Travis Scott’s Concert


A concert by celebrated US rapper Travis Scott turned tragic after several people lost their lives.

At least eight people have been confirmed dead and several others injured when the crowd surged toward the stage during Scott’s performance in his hometown of Houston, Texas on Friday, November 5.

CNN reports that the deceased were squeezed with no means of escape at the sold-out event dubbed the Astroworld Festival.

The concert that attracted 50,000 fans saw the crowd at the back surge forwards, compressing the people at the front.

No escape route

Footage from the concert showed the rapper and music producer pause his performance on seeing an ambulance moving through the densely packed crowd.

“The crowd, for whatever reason, began to push and surge towards the front of the stage, which caused the people in the front to be compressed.

They were unable to escape that situation,” Houston’s Fire Chief Sam Peña said.

Overwhelmed security

Pena described the troubling scenes, saying people started becoming unconscious. It led to panic, and the security personnel were soon overwhelmed.

A field hospital set up near the venue treated over 300 people, with the eight passing away while admitted.

Hours earlier, one person was injured as people rushed through the concert’s VIP entrance.

In 2019, three people were injured at the same festival as fans rushed to enter.


7 thoughts on “8 Killed, Several Injured in Stampede at Travis Scott’s Concert

  1. Choke points are dangerous

    Ask any hunter

    Large corralled crowds are a no go for me
    Too used to open spaces and the ability to move any direction anytime I want

    I’ll never forget my C.O.’s words when he saw a large group of us all together

    “1 Grenade would have killed you all “

    I see a bunch up of people and I automatically start moving away from it instinctively
    I also eyeball loud And or very animated people

    It’s a watch your own 6 world out there

    1. Good words EoS, me too. Used to go to concerts when I was younger but I’ve always hated being in crowds generally too for the same reasons. Haven’t been in a mall for as long as I can remember & only then because I had little option at the time – they just instantly bring to mind every zombie movie I’ve ever watched! Now with this shedding it’s actually even more essential to keep your distance.

      My ideal weekend activity now is driving to remote spots & hiking an hour or so through rugged terrain just so I can fish some great place all by myself – actually catching something is just the bonus!

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