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85 Foot Statue Of Baphomet Unveiled On Arkansas State Capitol Lawn!

Published on Aug 17, 2018

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13 Responses to 85 Foot Statue Of Baphomet Unveiled On Arkansas State Capitol Lawn!

  1. Katie says:

    That’s 8.5 foot, not 85 foot. Whatever, it’s still disgusting, but thank God it’s not 85 feet tall at least.

  2. OKC koyote (super genius) says:

    What difference does it make?

  3. DL. says:

    Gee I only see two feet! 😉

  4. charles walker says:


  5. Sunfire says:

    At lease the decor now matches the politicians there.

  6. Ed says:

    Hercules 60% would fix that NWO filth.

  7. daman says:

    Hilary get’s a statue of herself

  8. Martist says:

    Wow, a first for transparency in u.s. govt history!

  9. flee says:

    Fk Baphomet.

    That btch ain’t got sht on me.

    Because I’m so pizzed off.

    I’m going to erect…

    No pun intended.

    A 100 ‘ concrete penis at my front gate…

    In Bronze on the … ughh.. monument.

    It will say…

    Suck My Bill of Rights.

    And thatz just 4 starters.

    Ill put in remote control thru fiber optics

    So I can push a button and crush the sheriff and swat team with my 100’ concrete bigger than baphomet penis.

    Isn’t technology gr8…??

  10. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    This is who the politicians really worship.

    Revelation of the Method.

  11. CaptainObvious says:

    It’s like the Stonehenge prop in “This is Spinal Tap.”


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